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Protein Bar
Fiber One
Fiber One Protein Bars - Caramel Nut

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A chewy, chocolate covered caramel bar.


I used to eat this bar every single day! It has caramel coated cereal inside with a delicious chocolate coating. At first I did notice that it had a slightly "protein bar" flavor, but it is not strong at all. Plus, it has a high fiber content to boot! I recommend this!




Even if you don't need fiber..


The taste of these would warrant a higher rating, but I lowered my rating just because these are too expensive. If you can catch them on sale, grab them. Even if you don't really care about fiber intake, these bars are a great tasting snack option. I have no need for fiber, but I really enjoy the sweet chewy flavors.




Great snack!


I love Fiber One bars! They are my favorite snack outside of those that I use pre or post workout. With that being said, these bars aren't meant to be used as nutritional supplements before or after workouts, or they would be in that section at retailers. This is simply a snack, or a component of a meal. I thought that these bars were delicious! And the added protein and fiber to my diet is just another plus!




I need protein after my workout and Fiber One Protein Bar was ok


I received a sample bar of Fiber One Protein Bars in the mail. The one I ate was Caramel Nut. I workout at the gym 5 times a week, and two of these times, I need to eat during, or after my workout. I was delighted to get it, and decided to have it yesterday after my lunchtime workout. The bar is 1.17 ounce (33g) and is three and three quarters of an inch x one and a half inch, x half an inch. It is covered in chocolate. When you bite into it you can taste the chocolate, which is good. However, the nuts were so hard that I took forever to chew them. The taste of them was bland. I ate the whole bar, which is 130 calories, as I needed the protein. It states on the front that it has 6g total fat per bar, 20% of daily value fiber. I had to look at the nutrition facts to find out that it has 7g of protein. I personally wouldn't buy this bar, as I like bars with more protein in them. The taste was barely average, but it did fill me.


New Port Richey, FL


Fiber One Protein Bars - Caramel Nut

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