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Excedrin Tension Headache

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This is my first round of defense and attack


There are few things that really wear my down, but headaches are killers for me. I've been dealing with varying degrees of frequent headaches for the last 45 years. Though I take prescription for my migraines (nothing touches those but codeine) I found that I can often ward off a migraine if I catch it when it begins as tension. The Excedrin Tension Headache does a fabulous job about 80% of the time and for my headaches those are stellar results.


Villa Park, IL


Best headache & pain relief


I have tried Excedrine migraine and Excedrine tension headache.  They are both absolute lifesavors!  When I have a headache, I have a hard time functioning.  When my husband gets a cold and has sinus headaches and body aches, he skips the tylenol and goes right for the Excedrine.  My only advice is to make sure you take it with food and do not take more than 2 or 4 a day.  With all the caffiene, it hits your stomach pretty hard and can leave you feeling jittery or nervous.  But I would much rather deal with that for an hour, than deal with a headache all day that Tylenol just can't cut through. 


Wrightstown, WI


Take Excedrin for headaches and suffer no more.


I suffer from constant headaches and have tried many OTC drugs. One day at work I got a bad headache. I am a home care nurse and my clients mother offered me some Excedrin Headache that she had. I took two caplets and I  kid you not my headache was gone within 15 minutes.  This is a big deal as when I take Tylenol or Motrin for my headaches it usually takes an hour to work, if it works at all. I told my sister about it who also suffers from the same type of headaches that I do. She tried Excedrin Headache and found the product to work for her as well. I now always keep a bottle of Excedrin Headache at home and one in my purse. This product has really improved my quality of life. I no longer have to go to bed with my head positioned in a certain way and hope for sleep to avoid the pain. Now, I just take two pills and I can go on with my life. I would reccomend this product to anyone who suffers from cluster like headaches as I do-or I should say as I did!


Valparaiso, IN


strong relief-fast


So many brands of headache relievers are swarming the market today.  It's hard to choose the right one for your symptoms.  Excedrin makes the choice easy to make for you.  Excedrin quickly and painlessly eases your headaches tensions.  Excedrin gives you back to yourself.  Excedrin may cost the consumer a bit more than other leading brands of headache relief, but Excedrin will prove its worth to you in the long run.  For a few pennies more, you will feel the throbbing headache pains wash away.  Time is so precious in all of our lives.  Nobody wants to be drained of all their senses over terrible headache pains.  Excedrin is the perfect choice in headache relief.  When you feel the pressures of an agonizing headache coming on, just reach for Excedrin.  You will be glad that you did.  Excedrin is a trusted product that proves its vitality over and over again..  When you need to relieve headache pain fast and effectively, Excedrin is the only brand to choose.


Conneautville, PA


The BASIC EXCEDRINE is my Life Saver when I have a Migraine


The regular EXCEDRINE is just amazing when I have a migraine headache. I sometimes get really bad migraine headaches. I tried everything from aspirin, ib profen, but they just wouldn't take care of my migraine. If you get migraines, then you know how severely bad and debilitating that pain can be. Just looking at anything or moving my eyes was super painful. Anything stronger than that just left me groggy and knocked out. So, I was either stuck being in extreme pain that left me unable to do much of anything, or I was taking such a strong pain killer that I couldn't do the normal activities of life. Nothing else would take care of my migraine in any kind of a manageable manner. And so I felt so lucky when I stumbled upon EXCEDRINE. I had a long drive ahead of me, took two EXCEDRINE (that is the normal dosage) with plenty of water as advised and it took care of my headache without any kind of groggy over-drugged feeling. Since that time when I found the only non-prescription medication that would take care of my pain completely and well, I always have EXCEDRINE on hand with me when I travel and a large bottle of it in my medicine cabinet.


Huntington Beach, CA


Doesn't help my heaches very much


I completely trust the Excedrine brand because it has helped my migraine headaches when all other medications- even prescriptions failed me. However, Excedrine Tension Headache medicine does not do much for my headaches. I can not use this as a substitution to Excedrine Migraine medication. I'm not sure what differs between the two, but Tension Headache Medicine does not help me with my type of headache. In fact, if I have a regular headache versus a migraine, I choose Advil over Excedrine Tension Headache. I guess this medication just doesn't work for me. It is a better value because there are typically good sales and coupons out there, but I end up needing to buy other types of medication so that I spend more money. I do not recommend this for anyone suffering from migraines. There are better over the counter products that are more effective on serious, painful headaches and migraines.


Vista, CA


Excedrin Tension Headache is my sanity saver!!


I get headaches very often and it got even worse when I was pregnant.  Thanks to **Excedrin Tension Headache** I had some relief.  It was the only pain medicine that actually helped me and because it was asprin free I was able to take it while on other meds and thankfully while I was pregnant!  **Excedrin Tension Headache **will forever be my friend! :-)


Roaring Spring, PA


Excedrin Tension Headache works most of the time.


I started using Excedrin Tension Headache Pain Relieving Caplets a few months ago. I get very bad headaches and did not like to take medicine. I started out taking Advil, which did not have any effect on my headache. I was introduced to Excedrin (Tension Headache) and was pleased with the results. It certainly works more often than Advil. I would definitely recommend getting Tension Headache, as oppose to the original Excedrin if you have headaches. It does make a difference. I keep this in my purse and have recommended it to other headache sufferers. The caffeine in the Tension Headache helps to relieve the headache better than other pain relievers. The pills are not too large and do not have a bad taste. Also, I have not experienced any of the symptoms or had any problems while on this medication. Excedrin Tension Headache usually starts working within a half an hour and you will know when it starts working.


Pasadena, MD


Excedrin Tension Headache Takes Away The Pain


Tension headaches are about as fun as a root canal, or an annoying song getting stuck in your head. They simply cannot stop soon enough! While working a highly demanding job which required long hours & serious confrontations, headaches were simply an expected part of my day. I learned to persevere thru the dizziness, the throbbing, the inconvenience of a headache. Then I discovered Excedrin Tension Headache Caplets. The effectivenes of this medication is amazing! It seems to begin working immediately and within minutes, the symptoms of my headache are greatly diminished. I can see straight again. Think straight again. Keep going thru the motions & responsibilities of my day. Whlie the caplets do contain a relatively high dose of caffeine, equivalent to a small cup of coffee, this minor negative feature is easy to manage & the caffeine aids in the speed at which the medicine resolves unwanted symptons/pain.  


Glen Ellyn, IL


Excedrin Tension Headache is the best I've tried


I have suffered from headaches most of my adult life, but just recently started having tension headaches, caused by stress among other things. I get terrible pain in my neck and the upper part of my back in addition to a regular headache. Excedrin Tension Headache caplets have worked wonders for me! Every other pain reliever I have tried has just dulled the pain, not completely gotten rid of it. Excedrin Tension Headache is the first non-prescription medication I have tried that has worked completely, and worked fast. Within thirty minutes or so of taking it my symptoms are pretty much gone. Before the only thing that would work was going to bed to sleep, and sometimes that just isn't an option! Another nice thing is that this product does not contain asprin, so its safe for people to take that are on certain medications that can't take asprin. One thing I should mention, it does contain caffeine as well, so if caffeine keeps you awake don't take it right before bed.


Jefferson City, MO


Excedrin Tension Headache

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