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Eureka Quick Up Cordless Stick Vacuum

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Meets expectations...


You need to have realistic expectations. I bought this product was quite cheaply, as I do have allergies to dust, and have quite a few carpeted floors, but as I was only living in temporary in the state, I decided to buy a budget vacuum cleaner. It worked quite well in the beginning, but after a while it will lose it's battery life pretty quickly. May require several charges to vacuum the whole room after a while. Also, I discovered that it can be a little noisy when it is at work, so you may need to ensure no one else is sleeping before you start vacuuming. It is also important to empty the vacuum bag often (even if it is not very full), in order to maximize the suction power. A decent vacuum that can do it's job, but have realistic expectations whilst at it.




How can it not pick up Cheerios???


I purchased this upright vacuum in the hopes of it helping with minor kitchen clean-ups. It works great for really small stuff like sand, dirt, kitty litter etc. on both hardwood floors and on carpet. It has a problem with picking up any sort of larger type of stuff. With small kids, it is inevitable that cheerios will end up on the floor. If you were hoping to use this vacuum to pick them up, you are out of luck. The vacuum hugs the floor so tightly that there isn't enough clearance for cheerios to make it underneath the vacuum to get sucked up. You can kind of help it out by tilting the vacuum and placing it over the stray cheerio, but really, that is ridiculous. It also has a hard time picking up cat food for the same reasons. It also was supposed to be "portable", but all that means is you are able to remove the tiny stick at the top. It is worthless for cleaning out small places like high chairs since the main brush on the front isn't removable.


Wilmington, NC


Eureka Makes a Good Product for the Price


I originally purchased this stick vacuum with thoughts of using it instead of a broom after meals to pick up crumbs in the kitchen.  It ended up not being the best choice for that purpose but it was a good buy nonetheless.  It has a switch for choosing between carpet and hard floors.  The vacuum does a good job for its size and power on carpets.  On hard floors I find it to be lacking.  It doesn't do a thorough enough job cleaning up the small bits and crumbs to make it worthwhile for use in my kitchen.  I do, however, like it for other jobs around the house.  It is lightweight and cordless.  I keep it in its charger hanging on the wall so it's always ready for use and the charge lasts a good 20 minutes or so of steady use.  The handle is removable, so it is excellent for doing the carpeted stairs where my cats like to take naps and leave behind large quantities of fur.  It is slightly messy to empty, with a container instead of a bag and I find the compartment a little difficult to get back in after emptying.  All in all, for the price it is a nice addition for my home.


Loveland, OH


Eureka Cordless Quick Up is a daily must use item!


Eureka Cordless Quick-Up is a must have item. 5 years ago we moved into a three bedroom home with complete hardwood floors. It is in the country, and we soon realized that hardwood floors + chickens + Labrador + 2 cats equals A LOT of mess on the floor. Our broom just wasn't cutting it, and there was just too much for a Swiffer type product. Our decision was to just vacuum the floors. Once our original vacuum died, we decided to look into other products. I was tired of lugging a big vacuum around, and finding a plug in each room was a real pain. I wasn't all that sure that a cordeless stick-vac would have enough power to deal with the day to day mess...boy was I wrong. This model charges with an adapter/hanger that stays plugged in. We have it hanging in our bathroom charging. The stick is removable to make this a hand-vac. This is something we have never done. There is no bag, but a filter. It is fairly easy to pop out the filter, dump it out and pop it back in. You can even rinse it out and let it dry. We have never replaced our filter. The vacuum has two different settings. One is hard floors and the other is carpet. I use the carpet setting on our floor, as I am not too worried about the beater bar (yes it has one!) messing up my floors. This tiny wonder works fantastic! We have had it for 4 years and it is still going. It is just now having a few quirks. The charge light stays red, no matter what, it doesn't go green. The unit it still works and given how long we have had it...this is not a problem. Under the hard working condition's, it should have died a long time ago. Some cons: You must lean it against something when you stop temporarily or it will fall over. You have to make sure you get the filter in just right to close it. That's about it. I love it!


Kearney, MO


The Eureka vacuum does big jobs despite its size.


We received the Eureka upright vacuum when my husband and I were living in a small apartment with all hardwood floors.  We figured that it would be sufficient for the small amount of floor space we needed to clean and I liked that it was light so I could carry it up the stairs (two flights of them!).  It did a great job then and lo and behold it's still holding it's own against our 1400 sq ft house!  We now have carpet and linoleum and it has proven to work great on both surfaces.  The brushroll does an excellent job on our carpet and between the first suction setting and the hose I can get every crumb out of our kitchen and foyer.  The bagless design is great, I like that it doesn't require me to keep buying an "accessory" for it.  The vacuum itself really is very light and portable, I have no trouble carrying it up and down the stairs and the retractable handle makes it easy to move about.  I would definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone with any space to clean - big or small!


Norwich, CT


Stopped charging a few months after I bought it


I have had this stick vacuum for a few months now and I was satisfied with it for a while. It is cordless which I really liked, and did an okay job picking up dog hair and dirt from my hard wood and tile floors. It wasn't great, but it was cheap so I didn't expect it to be excellent. I also liked the hand vacuum feature as well. It helped to get into smaller spaces that the vacuum couldn't reach in stick form. Recently though, the vacuum will not keep a charge. Unfortunately this makes the vacuum completely useless to me and I consider it to have been a waste of money. I am on a strict budget and it's a real bummer when a product like this stops working in such a short amount of time because now I have to go out and buy something else. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because of this issue. I would guess I'm not the only one this has happened to and I would hate for it to happen to anyone else. Please consider buying something else. 


San Jose, CA


Fabulous little vac!


This is a great little vacuum!  I bought it to use after meals in my kitchen, in between deeper cleanings.  I have two young children and I was tired of hauling out the big cannister vacuum after every meal.  I keep this charging in the kitchen, and then after we eat I just grab it and clean up.  It has very good suction and maneuvers well.  It does surprisingly well against edges.  It does not do well with anything wet or sticky - but other larger vacuums wouldn't either.  I have never had any trouble with the battery, but I keep it charging when not in use.  I have laminate floors and I think it does a very good job of getting crumbs and other dirt.  You do have to clean the filter regularly or it won't work.  I empty out the dirt container and clean the filter about once a week, and it works just fine.  This vacuum is so easy to use that my 5 year old likes to vacuum for me!  I would highly recommend it.


Lincoln, NE


Love this little vacuum cleaner


I love my Eureka bagless cordless vacuum cleaner.  Does a great job picking up dust and other small objetcs.  It's so easy to use that even my three year old helps me to vacumm.  I've had it for several years and have nvefr had any problems using it. 


Ozone Park, NY


The Eureka Stick Vacuum works great for such a small size.


The Eureka Upright Vacuum is an excellent product for a busy mommy.  With 3 little ones running around the house and making messes everywhere I needed a product that could clean the floors without straining my back.  I love how you can move from the carpet to the bare floor with ease; and it actually picks stuff off the floor!  Another feature I like about it is, it's so light weight that my 5 and 4 year olds can vacuum, which they get such a kick out of doing!  It's funny to watch them fight over who gets to vaccum first.  My husband really liked the fact that you can lift it up and vacuum the couches!  The ease of this vacuum and the amazing way it picks everything up off the floor and carpets, makes this the perfect vacuum for busy mommies everywhere.  I really love the color.  I've never liked vacuums where you have to change the bag, but with this one all you do is open the front of the vacuum and dump out the dirt into the trashcan.  It's as simple as that and then you are good to go for the next time.  I would highly recommend this vacuum to busy mommies everywhere!!


Merced, CA


Eureka Quick Up Cordless Stick Vacuum

3.8 9