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  Emerson Dual Alarm Clock Radio Amfm Smartset (CKS9031)

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Simple Alarm Clock= Getting to School on Time


As a heavy sleeper, i've had my fair share of alarm clock experiences both good and bad. I honestly need at least three alarm clocks around the room to get me up and this one fits the bill nicely. The large display is easy to spot at 5:00 am, the sound is loud enough to rouse me from dreamland, and while simple it offers exactly what I need: to wake up! Overall a nice functioning, staple alarm clock.



A clock that sets & resets itself!


If you're looking for a basic alarm clock this one would fit the bill. It is simple to operate, doesn't take up much night table space, has a large and easy to read display, gives you AM or FM tunes with a digital setting display so you don't have to fumble with a tuning dial an "thermometer-like" band setting to guess your favorite channel. Sound quality is good for the purpose and at the suggested price point. The idea here is to wake up to music. It's main features are: a large approximately one and one-half inch pleasant aqua colored digital display (no garish red or orange here) dual alarm setting, perfect for the couple who have different start times battery backup -- and the manufacturer is kind enough to enclose a fresh lithium battery and the best feature -- the year, month, date, day and time are automatically set as soon as you plug it in and after any power disruption. Very cool! Just think of the time savings of setting the correct time and not having to worry about not getting up on time because of a power outage.

Santa Fe, NM


Emerson Dual Alarm Clock Radio Amfm Smartset (CKS9031)

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