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Dyson DC15 Animal Cyclone Vacuum

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I actually enjoy vacuuming with this!


I love this vacuum (as much as someone can love a cleaning supply). The best word for this vacuum is EASY. It's easy to maneuver - with the ball on the bottom, you can vacuum in circles if you want to. No more back and forth Vs. It's easy to clean - not just the canister, which really shows you how much dirt this thing is picking up, but if you need to clean the brushes or any other part, everything pops off easily but attaches firmly and securely. All of the attachments feel really solid and are easy to take on and off - I never feel like I'm going to break something, or have a hard time figuring out how to attach/remove/take apart anything. While this machine might be heavy, it's a feather compared to the old metal vacuum I used to have, so as far as I'm concerned it's a lightweight. The only thing I have ever encountered with this vacuum is when I am doing stairs with the back hose extended, the vacuum rolls toward me when I pull on the hose. I don't know that there's any way to avoid that with any vacuum, I've just learned how to work the hose so I don't pull the vacuum as much. Other than that, it's by far the coolest vacuum I've ever owned. I was wary after reading some stories online that this would scratch my hardwood floors, but I haven't noticed anything on my floors - I just make sure to turn off the rotating brush before I start vacuuming.


Lake Saint Louis, MO


works great 1st year


I've had this vacuum a couple years. I loved it the first year. Kind of loved it the 2nd year. By the 3rd year was not as pleased with it. Like many less expensive models you can buy at big box stores, hoover, etc., the vacuume seemed to pick up less and less. It worked very well on higher pile carpet and didn't work well at all on berber and low pile carpet - kind of blew stuff around and didn't pick it up. The cannester never filled when vacuuming these other types of carpet. The attachments are great though. Quite a variety of attachments and really good cleaning power with these. But for the money spent on this vacuume, you can find many less expensive brands that will do the same job. What is really bad, is that this vacuume poops out after a couple years. So why spend that kind of money on a machine that doesn't last. With these plastic vacuumes quality and lasting power is really sacraficed. 2/12 - like it for hardwood floors, using attachment & hose. Does not work well on low pile carpet. Works well on other carpet. Like it for stairs with hose. Good suction


New Town, AA


Lifesaver for a house full of animals....


We were given this vacuum as a wedding gift (other than that we would never be able to afford it). It has been a lifesaver. We have three dogs and two cats and often foster animals so our house is always full of animals coming and going and laying all over the place. This vaccum works wonders on our rugs, carpets, furniture and hardwoods. I love the fact that you don't have to constantly sit there and vaccum over and over the same spot just to get the pet hair up. It really does pick it right up. When you use it on the hardwoods, it suctions the hair from every corner right up; unlike our other vaccum where the minute you turned it on while on the hardwoods it blew every bit of hair and dust all over the places and in your face. It is a little difficult to lug around sometimes but I rather have one that is difficult to get up and down the stairs than one that doesn't suck up everything. Emptying the container is really simple. Our container does fill up fast so it does take several time of emptying...but like I said we have many animals and one that sheds enough for three pur together. The price on this is a little steep. It was given to us as a wedding gift. If I had the opportunity to use one before purchasing, I would have started saving money for my own regardless. I thik it is defintely worth the price.


Charlotte, NC


Great Tyson Vacuum for Suction


I have tried many different brands of vacuum cleaners from push uprights to self propelled uprights/ to canisters types both expensive and reasonably priced.  I have also tried both well known brands and not so popular brands.  This Tyson vacuum for animals is just about the absolute "BEST" I have ever owned.  The suction is fantastic.  You would not believe how much this vacuum will pick up. Try using another vacuum, then go over the same area again with this vacuum.  You will not believe your eyes as to how much the other vacuum left behind. I only had one problem with this vacuum.  My Cocker Spaniel was 13 years old and for some reason did not like the sound of this vacuum.  She would go to the other end of the house or either we would have to take her outside when I vacuumed.  Therefore  I did not use this vacuum each time I vacuumed.  Nothing to do with the performance of the vacuum but did not want to upset "Ginger". Maneuverability About the same as any other large vac. Ease of Maintenance Very easy Suction Performance Great suction. Versatility Yes Design Design is fine. Durability Druable so far.


Summerville, GA


I LOVE this vacuum!


Can I say that again???  I LOVE this vacuum!  While I am very frugal I do think that quality is just as important, and that some things are worth paying more for.  This vacuum is one of those things that I don't mind paying more money for!  I have had this vacuum for almost 6 years now and have never had a single problem with it.  I have two cats and two dogs, so you can imagine that my carpet needs to be vacuumed regularly.  I use this vacuum at least once a week, and every time I use it I am amazed by what it captures in the canister.  Dare I say vacuuming is actually fun with this vacuum?!?  I sometimes stop in the middle of vacuuming our family room to empty the canister because it does such a good job of picking up dirt and hair.  I also use it and its attachments to vacuum the mattresses, the couches, wall vents...anything that can be vacuumed IS vacuumed!  I do wish Dyson would come out with a medium sized vacuum that is especially for the stairs, as this is a little bulky to vacuum the stairs with, but it definitely can be done.  


Olathe, KS


dysons get dirt and hair you didn't know was there


Dysons are simply amazing.  I have dark hair, which naturally sheds a lot and could never find a vacuum that could pick all of it up without going over and over the spot multiple times.  Then I adopted a long haired white dog and he shed like crazy. Then I bought my first Dyson and it was amazing.  The floor even felt cleaner and picked up dirt my older vacuum had missed.  It also grabs all the hair from me and my last dog.  When I adopted a short haired terrier (who looks like he wouldn't shed, but manages to leave pieces of himself everywhere) the Dyson came to the rescue.   When I got a coupon (which is incredibly rare) I bought the animal version for my dad's house.  This one is even better than the one I purchased!  It's easier to move around because of the ball and has all the great features typical of Dysons. It's super easy to clean, you just push a button and the bottom opens up and out comes the junk.  Plus it has attachments that can help clean other parts of the house. Tip: Dysons are expensive so you may want to look into refurbished ones.  My Dyson is refurbished and I've had it for 4 years and haven't had any problems with it.


Saratoga, CA


Great product would recommend to everyone


I got this vacuum as a gift a few years ago due to the animal hair in our house and the other vacuums we had no working. This is the best vacuum I have ever had and does practically everything. It comes with attachments and cleaners and a whole lot more. The first time I used the dc15 I could not believe how much it picked up. I had to empty the vacuum a few times before I was done with the house.Of course I have a big house, but our spoiled cat likes to lay everywhere and sheds like there is no tomorrow. I used to chase her off the furniture unril I got the dc15 and now I do not care where she lays around at. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone with dust allergies or animal hair issues and although it is marked a bit high in price it is a great product.


Oklahoma City, OK


Dog hair be gone!


This is the BEST vacuum I have ever owned!  With two Goldens and alot of hair I have gone through many vacuums.  They all did a so-so job that left me frustrated.  Now when I clean, I really clean.  The attachment are a little awkward to use but I still love this machine.


Du Bois, PA


This Dyson is "on the Ball" for easier, cleaner housekeeping!


    When my old vacuum (which wasn't that old) bit the dust - literally - after I tried to vacuum our new carpet, we thought it was a good opportunity to try out a Dyson.  We shopped around and found a really good deal on the DC15 "The Ball", which is supposed to be much easier to maneuver than a standard model.  I have been using my Dyson for over a year now, and found it is all the manufacturer claims it to be.  It really is easier to maneuver around furniture, and I'm pleased with the suction power, which makes me feel I'm getting my floors as clean as possible.  My favorite feature is the removable dust canister, which gets emptied after each use.  I never have to mess with nasty, dirty bags that spew dust everywhere when being changed.  You just hold the canister upright over the trash can, press a button, and the dirt falls out the bottom.  And, you can see how much dirt you pick up every time you clean.  I also like the fact that all the attachments are incorporated into the design of the machine.  No more searching the bottom of the closet for a special upholstery brush or baseboard wand.  It's all right there, which is also a little extra incentive to use them more often;-).      The only thing that I have found to be a drawback - if you can call it that - is that it is heavier than the other machine I had, but the ball makes it so easy to push, that the weight of it is only an issue if I have to lift it for some reason, which is seldom.  I do wish it had a retractable cord, but that is a personal preference.  Overall, this machine has taken  much of the "chore" out of vacuuming the floor, and until someone invents a self-vacuuming carpet, this is the easiest and best cleaning tool I've found.


Newnan, GA


Great suction with some minor downfalls.


I absolutely love this vacuum!  My friend, who has owned her own cleaning business for years, uses Dyson vacuums.  I used hers to vacuum my house after I had just vacuumed it with another brand vacuum that I had and I was shocked at how much dirt had been left behind that her Dyson picked up.  Having 2 dogs that are sometimes inside, I needed a good vacuum to get up the dog hair when they start shedding their winter coats.  This certainly does the job.  The ball really makes vacuuming around objects as easy as a flick of the wrist.  I do find it to be a little on the heavy side when carrying it up and down the stairs though.  Also, when you pull out the telescopic wand to use the attachments, it can be very awkward to manuever as it is about 30" long and rigid.  Difficult to use on higher surfaces that aren't actually above your head as well as low to the ground places - like fronts of furniture.  They're certainly not cheap though.  And while I'm generally very frugal, I decided to splurge when I bought this and haven't regretted it for one second!


Hutto, TX


Dyson DC15 Animal Cyclone Vacuum

4.6 148