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Dremel Stylus Cordless Rotory Tool /Model 1100

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The Best Tool For the small jobs


I got this tool because I wanted to get into action figure customizing, But once I had it, I used it for just about everything. It works so great, and also, it feels great in your hand. Almost like writing with a pen or pencil. And the wide verity of bits, makes this the be all end all of rotatory tools. When I first used this tool, I needed to trim off a little bit of plastic from an action figure's head. It was so simple and easy, just put on the sandpaper bit, and set the speed that I wanted, and It came off like nothing. This tool has ten speeds for various uses. Then If you need to drill some holes, or smooth something out, it can do that just as easily. One of my favorite features of the Dremel stylus is the charging doc, you know you will always be at full power, and this tool's ease and affordability, makes it a must have for anyone who is serious about what they are doing. This tool is the best tool for the small jobs.



Dremel Stylus Cordless Rotory Tool /Model 1100

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