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Dremel Multipro 395T6

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Dremel Multipro - a toolbox must have


The Dremel Multipro 395T6 comes in a handy dandy little plastic carrying case with a variety of different attachments from cutting wheels to sander heads.   There are a ton of other heads available if those included aren't sufficient for your needs but it you're a basic DIY these should be sufficient.  The variable speed (5000-35,000 rpm) is easily controlled with a slide though adjustments are fairly gross.  Unit is fairly lightweight, well balanced and shaped such that it can be readliy used by even someone with very small hands. Head pieces are quickly changed out with a simple key wrench that comes with the product. My primary use for this is doing dog nails (please make sure if you're going to do this you have someone experienced teach you how!) but have used it for trimming model train buildings, smoothing burrs off of plastic, cutting the heads off of nails, regrooving screws to allow removal and a variety of other purposes.  Just a great little all-around tool to have in the toolbox at a very affordable price!

Arlington, WA


Dremel Multipro 395T6

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