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Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula

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Very good value


Overall, I was very satisfied with the Less Drowsy Dramamine. Since I have hit my 30's, I have started experience motion sickness at town fairs and amusement parks, and even in the car when I am not driving. We recently visited an amusement park, and I wanted to enjoy our time there with my children. So I purchased the Dramamine. While in the car driving there (about an hour away), I could literally feel the Dramamine blocking the motion sickness feeling in my stomach. It did feel a little weird, but the "blocking" feeling wore off after arriving at the park. I was able to ride any ride in the park without feeling nausea. I didn't get sick once. Now, I have never taken the drowsy formula, only the less drowsy, and I didn't feel sleepy at all. I took the dramamine before leaving around 10:30 am, and it didn't start to wear off until about 12 hours later. It was very easy to tell when it was starting to wear off. I have also used it just for longer car rides, and it worked just the same. I am so glad that there is a product like this available, to help with motion sickness. I would definitely recommend this product. As long as it is taken properly, and as directed, you should have no problems.

Tarentum, PA


Get a little motion sick, not me, I've used Dramamine for years


Dramamine has always be in my family ever since I could remember.  My mother still takes it at 80 years old so she can go on buses and not get sick.  My grandma used to take Dramamine  and give it to me when she was taking me to doctors, dentists etc as I was also getting 'buss sick' as she called it way back then.  Now the best of all...Dramamine now comes in a Less Drowsy Formula.  I tried the new Less Drowsy Formula and found an extreme difference.  No more yawning as a passenger in a car to yawning even more at a little get together and hearing comments "are you bored or just tired" at 6:00 or 7:00 pm just as diner was being served.  I hated it, but just can't go any where without my Dramamine, even on a plane.  Now, I am free to go where I want without embarassing myself by yawning and sometimes falling asleep at my destination.  Thank you to the makers of Dramamine for the new formula, it works just as the box says and it still keeps me from getting motion sick. 

San Jose, CA


Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula great for Vertigo


I have Vertigo sometimes and recently was prescribed Meclazine for it. Over the course of a few months I compared ingrediants and asked my pharmacist if there was anything over the counter that I could use in a pinch. He suggested Dramamine because that is what is in Meclazine. So I keep them in the car and when we go out and I feel dizzy I just use them and it works just as well. I feel better knowing that I am not relying on a perscription too.

Madison, WI


Dramamine keeps the motion sickness away!


Dramamine is a fast acting medication in a small pill that is easily swallowed. I am a person who suffers from motion sickness in or on anything that moves. Since I have been using dramamine, the nightmare of traveling has become bareable. All you have to do is take the pil 1 to 2 hours before you are in motion and the pill stops all that sickness! It's that simple to use and best of all, there is no drowsiness to take place with the use of this medicine which makes it even better. It is a wonder pill for people like myself who at one time could never enjoy a cruise, riding rides, or even traveling in a car due to the effects of motion sickness, but thanks to the makers of Dramamine that i a thing of the past and now traveling any route has been made possible for people all over the world who suffer with the unfortunate effcts of motion sickness. Nowadays, I don't dare think of leaving to go anywhere without my Dramamine. The best part is now they even have the pills in a travel size that fits in your purse or pocket for anytime its needed, Go Dramamine!

Cocoa, FL


Helps me not to be sick, but still makes me sleepy.


When I used the regular Dramamine it would help with me not getting sick but I would pass out.  Good thing my husband always drives on our trips.  So, I was glad when I found the Dramamine Less Drowsy!  However, I still passed out.  I was still so sleepy I could not hold my eyes open.  It helped with the sickness, Ididn't get sick, but I sure did sleep.  I prefer to use Bonine, it keeps you from getting sick and you can stay awake!!  It is my favorite.  I love to travel, we go to the beach a lot and love to go on hikes and visit waterfalls, but I always dreaded the trip to our destination.  But with motion sickness medicines, I enjoy traveling even more.  And it's even better with no sickness and being able to stay awake during the ride is a bonus with the Bonine.  But if I can't get Bonine, then I will defiantly go with the Dramamine.  Neither one of the chewable medicines taste good, but I'd rather have the bad taste than the sickness.  But the Dramamine Less Drowsy is easy to swallow, I'd rather not have to chew the tablets, they are too chalky and taste weird.

Blue Ridge, GA


cures the motion sickness. adds a high.


Okay so I was introduced to dramamine tablets about 2 years ago when I was paddling and I was getting some motion sickness from the boat and of course the ocean. It worked well I wasnt feeling nauseated and everything was normal. The is the regular dramamine not the less drowsy. But the thing is i needed about 4 of them. Then about 3 months ago I was reintroduced to them. But I learned that kids were using them to keep their high rolling. && I also learned that when taking a bunch of them it is a source for kids to get high. So be careful with the way you use them.

Waimanalo, HI


Less Drowsy? Than what? A coma? I was out like a light!


I never really get motion sickness but I was experiencing some weird vertigo spells and had to ride for over six hours in the car. I thought it would be a smart idea to take something in case the vertigo and motion combined to make me feel sick. I didn't want to get tired so I bought **Dramamine Tablets Less Drowsy 8 Each.** This is just a little plastic tube with eight yellow pills in it for your purse or glove box. I didn't get sick but, if these are LESS DROWSY, what are the regular ones? I never fall asleep in the car but I was out like a light after taking one of these and I could barely shake off the effects. **What Dramamine is** These pills are nothing more than antihistamines. Each contain 25 mg of Meclizine Hydrochloride which, ironically, I have in a bottle at home. They were prescribed for me for the vertigo. This medication helps nausea and dizziness associated with motion, whether it is real or due to an imbalance of some sort. I rarely take Meclizine so I didn't realize how these pills would affect me nor did I realize **Dramamine** was the same drug as the ones I had at home. **My Use** After about 30 minutes in the car, I took a **Dramamine and** settled back to listen to my iPod and read a magazine. In about 20 minutes, my eyelids felt very heavy. I hate to sleep in the car because I need to be a "secondary driver" to feel safe even though my husband is a fine driver. I do that with everyone. But the little yellow pill thwarted my attempts to stay alert. I was out like a light within 45 minutes of taking it. After about an hour, I tried to wake myself up. I was aware of the music playing, of the fact that we were in the car, and could hear conversations at times over the din of my headphones. But my eyes would NOT stay open for more than a few moments. Weird. Like waking up out of general anesthesia of something. We stopped and I got a big iced tea from McDonald's and tried to offset the drowsiness with caffeine. It was a battle but, by the time we reached our destination, I was awake but still felt drowsy. I didn't get sick though! On the way home I didn't take a Dramamine and didn't get sick OR drowsy! I am very sensitive to antihistamines and, more than likely, you will not get as drowsy as I did. However, I would caution you to take one before embarking on a trip or doing whatever you are planning on doing. You will not want to fall asleep at a theme park or driving! **Conclusion** **Dramamine Tablets Less Drowsy 8 Each **work but the whole "less drowsy" thing has me wondering what the regular formula would have done to me. I may have slept for days! The main ingredient is Meclizine which you can buy generically for much, much less. In fact eight Dramamine cost about what 50 generic 25mg. Meclizines cost. If you get motion sick or have vertigo or dizziness often, forgo the expensive name and buy Meclizine straight up. You will be taking the exact same medication for so much less money. These are expensive and make me drowsy but they seem to work. My son, who sometimes gets motion sick, took one and he felt fine (just a little bit drowsy). He didn't get any motion sickness on a wildy rocking boat he was on. I give these 3 stars because you can get the same thing so so so much cheaper and because they make some people very drowsy. However, I recommend them if you don't mind paying the steep price for the name. They do seem to work.

The heart of , NY


Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula

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