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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Vibe Swivel Glide Vacuum

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A good budget vacuum.


I've owned this vacuum for nearly four years now and have few complaints. It's relatively light weight, has four height settings and it's easy remove and dump the canister. Dumping out the canister can be a messy job (as it is with any vacuum cleaner) so I recommend taking it outside to do so. My one true complaint it that the beater bar cannot be lifted so I can't use this vacuum cleaner on my more delicate rugs. Other than that I'd say it a very good budget friendly choice.


Oklahoma City, OK


I have been very disappointed with this product!


The Dirst Devil 'Vibe' falls very short of my expctations.  I have had other Dirt Devil products that I loved and told others to buy.  This will never happen with this product. Why didn't they include a crevice tool with the attachments? There isn't one to order and the diameter of the hose prevents me from using one of my older crevice tools on this model.  The tube is too wide to share attachments. I was thrilled to find a spinning brush attachment for cat hair removal, but this one constantly is stuck and will not spin.  I have taken it apart and cleaned it, lubricated it, rebuild it, and it still doesn't spin well.  When it does spin, it is great. I find th swivel wheels simply get stuck all the time.  They are not a positive feature. The inside of the vacuum tube is square-the outside is round.  This makes a thick tube frame and it is difficult to get good suction.  No precision. I do love the bagless tank. It is nice to not have to worry about buying bags. If I sweep up something I want back, I can easily retrieve it. When I first bought this, I was reminded every time I used it that I disliked it.  I considered returning it, but life was too busy.  A great disappointment.


Springfield, OH


I'd buy one again, in a heart beat.


Dirt Devil Vibe is purple. Happens to be a color I like. I'm a heart patient, so need something light and easy to handle. This vaccum is super, works great. On board attachments. Hose for them isn't long, but, you only need to attach extra one, if you have one, or buy one, to extend the length. Tools work great. I have a white boxer, and a black rug. This sucks the pet hair right up. If it seems to leave marks, you just rinse the inside screens out, and it works perfect again.  


Toledo, OH


hate this vaccum


i hate this vaccum!!!  it is heavy and i have to constantly take things apart because everything and i mean everything gets caught in it!!!  i would never buy this brand again or anything from dirt devil because of the harship with this one.


Buchanan, VA


If it's a Dirt Deveil It's gotta be good


If it's a Dirt Devil It has to be good.   Dirt Devils are one of the finest line of vaccuum products available.  Not only are they reasonably priced they definitley do the job.  My Dirt Devil is light weight, compact and has mega suction.  I use my Dirt Devil for everything.  I can clean my upholstery with it. I can clean my draperies as well as my carpets.  Because it's so lightweight I can take it ouside and use it to vaccuum my car which saves me money!  It's also great for pet hair.  As a pet owner (two dogs) I struggled with pet hair until I got my Dirt Devil.  This vaccuum is so powrful that it will totally elimate pet hair.  What dog?  My Dirt Devil is extremely easy to clean too!  No confusing parts to deal with.  Just pop it open, clean it and snap it shut.  It's a piece of cake.  I would highly reccomend this vaccuum to anyone looking for something that affordable, definitley user friendly and it does the job!


Orlando, FL


vacuum those dirt away!


I'm a bit of a clean freak and i can't sit still until i've cleaned up and put back things in their proper places : - ) My fiance would call me Mrs. Monk because of my 'condition', LOL (yep, from the TV series Monk) . Anyway, i like my cleaning sessions fun and easy (who doesn't!) so i don't like hard-to-handle equipments...I have used the Dirt Devil vacuum and i find it just ok....let me start with the good part about this product 1. it has very powerful suction system that really cleans up dirt, even pet hairs that seem to get tangled in your carpets and rugs 2. it has nice, easy grip handle that helps a lot in maneuvering 3. it has quick release Dirt Cup which is very easy to clean 4. a stretchable hose to vacuum your curtains and upholstery, and other brush types for specific purposes....And the not-so-good part about this vaccum 1. it's a little too heavy for me, i find myself exhausted every time i vacuum our apartment, and we don't have a huge place at that 2. it's noisy compared to other vaccum cleaners i have used 3. it doesn't have an automatic cord rewind so you have to coil it manually...So if you're planning to get a new vacuum from Dirt Devil, you might want to consider another type.


The Villages, FL


Dirt Devil Vibe Swivel Glide Vacuum

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