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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Swift Stick with Edge Wedge M083411

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It works great, is lightweight, and is small and easy to store.


I bought this vacuum for my dorm room for my first semester of college. It works great. It will pick up dirt, dust, and other things. It works on carpet and tile. It was inexpensive and worth every penny. 

Warren, PA


Really not worth the headache.


I brought the Dirt Devil Swift Stick because of the price was very low and since I was not able to afford the vacuum that I wanted I decided to go with this since my friend girl I was shopping with said that it does a decent job on to her. I believed her being that she said she has had hers for a while now and it stills worked so I purchased one the Swift Stick. I took it home and to give it a try. The first time I used the Swift Stick it done an okay job on floors, but I noticed that it didn't pick up all of the dirt that was on my floor, but I kept it because I kept it because the clean was very easy, The next time I used the Stick I put carpet cleaner on the floor and the vacuum really did not get  any of the cleaner off of the floor so every time that I used it after that I did not use the cleaner on the floor which was a downside of the product to me because I like using carpent cleaners on my floors. After about fifteen uses the handle on the vaccum finally broke and I have not used the vaccum since. This vaccum is might be okay for minor jobs but do not use it unless you are strictly using it to pick up minor dirt.

Okolona, MS


Dirt Devil Swift Stick with Edge Wedge M083411

2.5 2