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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Jaguar Bagless Vacuum

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A durable and long lasting vacuum.


Vacuums aren't a cheap piece of cleaning equipment but if you have carpet they are a necessary piece of cleaning equipment. Having a long lasting vacuum that is reliable is essential for our family of 6. We have owned our Dirt Devil Jaguar Bagless Vacuum for over 9 years and it is still running strong. It has survived several moves over the years and is reliable to clean our carpets. This vacuum is easy to empty. Just be careful the filter doesn't fall out as you dump it! There is a carpet length dial which helps make cleaning most efficient. There is also an attachment hose, lengthening attachment piece, an attachment for getting in crevices, as well as a brush attachment. While this is a very durable, long lasting vacuum and it gets the job done. It is not the most efficient vacuum out there. It is also pretty heavy and while not super difficult to maneuver it is not easy either. All in all, for the price it is a great vacuum and has done well for our family for many years.


Kansas City, MO


Not suggested for heavy duty.


Ours is a household that needs vacuuming practically everyday. This is not to say, however, to say that we vacuum everyday. Nevertheless, we try to keep a regular schedule and do it at least twice a week. This means that when it does come time to vacuum, there is a good amount of dirt in the carpet. At first, right after we bought the Jaguar, it worked great and much better than our first vacuum. Around 4 bags later, though, we knew that it was reaching the end of its life. It did not pick up dirt the first time you passed it over it, and sometimes it did not get some dirt at all. We recently got a new vacuum because this one just wasn't good enough anymore. Overall, however, I would say it's a well-priced vacuum that's good for households that do not need vacuuming all the time. It's only really good for carpet and not hard floors, no matter what the brochure says. It's a bit bulky but it's not too big of a deal since it's easy enough to handle.


Glendora, CA


Dirt Devil Jaguar Bagless Vacuum

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