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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Direct Power Stick Vacuum

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Not your only one


Can only recommend this Dirt Devil for small,, quick pick up jobs, but not for a thorough home cleaning. There is a newer medel which is lighter but has the same problems. Maneuverability It doesn't do well getting into corners or under furniture. It doesn't work well on my hardweod floors or tile, particles don't pick up. It is fairly lightweight and is eady to carry to different rooms but cord is too short to do a large room without having to unplug. Ease of Maintenance The dirt canister fits snugly but gets full quickly. Easy to take off and empty. The filter is nearly impossible to clean unless you brush it often. Suction Performance Mediocre at best. Doesn't work well with very dense high pile carpets and awful on tile and hardwood. Does good job on my area rugs. Versatility Doesn't get under furniture or corners. This is an adjunct vacuum, not meant for the entire home. But it does work ok for pick- up messes. Design Overall, not good. Durability Mine has lasted 15 months but only us occassionally. Doubt would hold up with everyday use.

Wimauma, FL


Not such a great choice!


This vacuum started off real good in my home. At first, I thought it was doing an excellent job for being so small. I was amazed by its weight and the fact that it was cordless. The vacuum is really easy to clean as well. However, after about a month, the vacuum did not hold up to its name. It started spitting dirt out all over the floor and did not seem to pick much up. The vacuum will not hold a charge anymore so the most I can vacuum at one time is abotu half a room! For the price I paid for it, I would suggest looking at other vacuums first!

Lisbon, OH


Dirt Devil Vacuum is very efficient for its small size & weight


Dirt Devil Direct Power all surfaces vacuum surpirsed me for its efficiency and level of power for it's small size and weight.  Its power lasted much longer and stayed stronger than I expected it to.  I was very happy with its ability to pick up a lot of dog and cat hair on all surfaces, including wood, linoleum, stone, fabrics, carpets and upolstry.  It worked more quickly than other comparable brands I've tried, with less work, less time and fewer passes over each area.  I am a very busy mom, with my own home-based business, and I tried several other brands before finally being satisfied with the Dirt Devil.  It surpassed my expectations.  It isn't perfect; it doesn't get into tiny corners like a regular vacuum wwith attachments would, but since I'm in a hurry lots of the time, it does what I want it to do.  I still use my old, heavy vacuum's attachments when I do a deep clean twice a year, but for weekly and monthly cleanups it's great.  I'm glad I finally found something that was quick and actually worked!

Raleigh, NC


Dirt Devil Direct Power Stick Vacuum

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