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Dell Photo Printer

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I will never purchase again.


This printer is not fantastic




good backup color printer


This printer was bundled with the Dell computer I purchased last year - it came at no extra cost. It isn't my primary printer (I have a laser printer in my office) but it's useful for home printing and the occasional photograph. Ink is expensive and gets used up quickly if you do a lot of printing on this machine, and it isn't easy to find cheaper ink cartridges than the ones Dell sells online (and reminds you about frequently via popups as the ink begins to get low in a cartridge). But as a backup printer and to print photos, this printer is serviceable and has been reliable. Dell includes printers like this one "free" with new computers in hopes of selling you lots of profitable ink cartridges, but if you only use it occasionally it can be a useful tool.


Lookout Mountain, GA


The ink is too expensive for the Dell 720 printer


The Dell 720 Printer came with our Dell computer as part of a package deal.  I now know that I could have done without this printer.  The ink cartridges are too expensive and it uses the ink to quickly.  Because of this the Dell 720 printer has been collecting dust on my desk.  The printing quality was fine for the proce of the printer and the quality was as expected.  But I now realize I could have saved money on not buying this printer in the combo package of buying the computer.  The printer is not to bulky or big and does not take up a lot of space on the desk.  it is not too loud either which is a plus.  The printer isself has a nice look to it as well and at least it is not ugly since I have to look at it everyday. It is easy to use and install as well.  Despite these good things I say I will still be looking into getting another printer that does not take these ink cartidges.  I would not go out and buy this printer.       




you cannot count on this printer to give any kind of consistant


i am a photo addict and i can't get a consistant picture quality from one to the next. it won't print on picture paper half the time . the ink runs out to fast.  you can't count on the 720 dell printer. i had two of them and both did the same shoudy job. neither one lasted very long. i would not recomend them to nobody. i love my dell computer but they need to do some work on the printer. i always got dell cartridges for my printerbut half the time it prints in red.


Marshallville, OH


It is the worst printer ever


The printer starts as  a good value but it is lousey at printing at times I had a faded image wich I thought was because of low ink here it was a new ink cartarige. Its cheap so in the end you get what you pay for.


Philadelphia, PA


Good for small projects...but not large ones.


This printer was the first one I started using. But I soon found that in less then 2 years it was not that good for printing my pics as I thought. I take alot of pics and when I wanted to print them I could only print a few at a time before the color would run. But if you are the type that just likes to print paper work then it would be the best for you. It is easy to use and it prints fast and clear.


Summerville, SC


Dell Photo Printer

2.2 6