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There are many sites that try to take place as your main homepage. Multiple daily detail sites are competing for your loyalty, however I find that this site is not worth visiting at all. This is a very small site with exactly one product a day. There are no additional categories at all! It's just one product and if you do not like the product at all, then that's it! Sometimes the categories are natural health products that you have never seen before, so you will not know if this is a daily steal at all. There's absolutely no comparison. Furthermore, these products often have no evidence at all, so what's the point? I like tech deals and those are the ones that appeal to me the most and hence this site doesn't appeal to me at all. I've been at this site for weeks but haven't seen anything worth purchasing at all. Maybe if they expand their product categories and try to secure better deals, I may order.



Day Bargain

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