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Crofton Electric Hot Pot Kettle

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Works fine


Works fine....lasts a long time..


Southern Illinois


Handy Tea Kettle


For the price and for the style this kettle is great! I love that unlike other hot pot designs the kettle itself can be removed and taken to another room to pour or fill up while you can leave the "charging" station at the same location. I basically love that the cord isn't attached to the pot. It heats up quickly and has an automatic off mechanism if you turn it on to make tea and get distracted and forget about your intention to relax. I think it may have been user error, but I think the lid isn't designed in the sturdiest way. It is attached at the top so that hypothetically you can squeeze the handle and the lid pops open for filling. That mechanism on mine no longer works great, but I still like this tool and we have a cute little tea cart in the living room with this on it so that you don't have to mess with the stove top and a traditional kettle!


Lees Summit, MO


Crofton Electric Hot Pot Kettle is adequate


The Crofton electric hot pot kettle is very inexpensive, and it does work decently. I keep it in my work room for tea. It does heat water quickly, and I like that it has several temperature settings.  Though it functions reliably there are several drawbacks in the design. When the pot is full and on the highest temperature setting the water will bubble out of the spout, so you have to really watch this and be careful when handling it after the water starts to heat up. Also, if you leave even a small amount of water in it overnight the metal ring around the heating element will rust.  The box says that it can be used for heating soup as well as hot water, and I did try using it to warm some broth. I would definitely recommend against this. The groove around the heating element and two bits of plastic that protrude from the bottom of the pot make cleaning it a bit challenging. For hygene sake I would only use this kettle for heating water. Over all it is a handy appliance to have for heating small amounts of water and the price is very reasonable.


Elmira, NY


Crofton Electric Hot Pot Kettle

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