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Coleman tent

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easily assembles and hold up to the elements.


me and my boyfriend got this tent recently. its great! helb up perfectly in the wind and the rain. it was a breeze to put together and took only about five to ten minutes. its a three person tent so it is perfect for the two of us and extra space for our stuff. coleman is a great brand ive never had a issue with their stuff.


Syracuse, NY


I was very unsatisfied with their keep you dry guarentee.


I was very dissatisfied in the past I have associated Coleman with a good quality product. In my opinion they no longer think that they need to uphold their quality to keep a good name. I will no longer be looking into making purchases with them for any of my outdoors needs.


Mount Dora, FL


coleman sunrise point tent is perfect for us.


   The Coleman "Sunrise Point" tent  was on sale at Big 5 and I bought it for our upcoming trip to Patricks Point.  I was looking for something easy to assemble and high quality.  THIS TENT OFFERED BOTH PLUS IT WAS A GOOD SALE.       My husband was happy it went up easy, actually I believe my 15 year old could do it himself next time.   You could definitely sleep 4 with some room around the edges for bags or clothes.  I was looking for room to stand to dress in and the extra room in the middle was great.      The fog rolled in so heavy one night it sounded like rain and everything was so wet outside.  We slept nice and dry in the tent.  It didn't leak and the inside walls stayed dry.       It is a showy good-looking tent and the porch awning was nice.       I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TENT FOR ANYONE THAT DOES OCCASIONAL CAMPING FOR 3-4 PEOPLE.  COLEMAN IS THE BOMB!    


Woodland, CA


Not entirely happy camper


I recently purchased a Coleman Evanston 8. The hinged door is the best thing since sliced bread! No more unzipping and zipping your tent door every time you need to go in or out, and no flap ducking. It's freaking sweet! Also, I was camped out for a solid week during which there were several storms that brought lots of rain. While I slept tight and dry, nearly everyone around me got soaked. Most of them had economy store brand tents. I can't even repeat the string of cussing that came from a tent right next to me, when a young man woke up " sleeping in a bathtub." *However*, it was after my return home that I became very displeased with my Coleman tent. I went to set it up to make sure it dried out and wouldn't mold in storage...and the cord in one of the poles broke. This was only the second time setting this tent up! Thank goodness this hadn't happened out setting up for another event! Because it is not possible to set up a dome tent if the cord is broken in a main pole. I called Coleman and they said they would mail me a new pole. What I actually received was a repair kit. So now I get to thread a tent pole? Oh joy! Not to mention...I kind of have to assume by the wide assortment of parts in this kit that they are having an awful lot of pole issues. Hmmm ya think it could be because Coleman tents are now made in China?! That's right, Coleman may be based in Wichita KS, but the products are now made in China. So why are their tents still so expensive?! If I had wanted to buy cheap crap that breaks, I could have spent half as much. I am seriously considering returning this tent to Bass Pro. But my delema is, can I find another make of tent that stays dry...but also doesn't break. P.S thought: I would like to see the trend go back to cabin tents. Cabin tents were better than domes in a number of ways...more head space to be able to move around for one...but most importantly to me after this, even if that cord connecting the pole sections broke you could still set up the tent. It's too bad that these days whatever becomes trendy quickly becomes the only thing most companies produce.


Springfield, MO


Coleman Weathermaster 10


Our family bought a Coleman Weathermaster 10 last spring and used it on multiple camping trips last summer.  It is a two room tent, though the divider doesn't totaly separate the rooms.  It hangs on hooks in the middle, so there is about an 8 inch gap to the floor and on the sides and about a foot gap on the top.  We don't need privacy between the two rooms so it works fine for us.  We keep it rolled to the side during the day anyways.  It is a 10 person tent, but I think it would be more comfortable for 6 adults, as you could fit 3 double airmatresses in it. My favorite feature of this tent is the door.  If you go to the Coleman website you can see more of how their hinged doors work and let me tell you, with kids it is awesome not to have to unzip it everytime.  My 6' 2" husband likes that he can stand up in it.  It is very easy to set up, but it takes two people.  They don't have to be big strong guys either; my mother and I set it up solo the first time. We've used the tent in windy areas, as well as drizzly rainy campouts without any leaks.


Eugene, OR


Coleman tent

3.4 5