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Ozark Trail
Ozark Trail 8x9 4-Person Dome Tent

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Just not quite big enough


Bought this tent for a recent camping trip and thought it would be big enough to sleep four people.  Nope!  Only one queen sized mattress and a single sleeper.  That's it.  If you need to sleep four people look for another tent.

Reedsport, OR


Ozark Trail Tents: Lightweight, Waterproof & Easy to Put Up


**Ozark Trail 4 Person Dome Tent 8'x9'** We've owned several Ozark tents and they have proven to be consistently reliable in many areas. Ozark tents are: -inexpensive and easy to find (Walmart usually has them.) -lightweight (This one is less than 5 lbs.) -really easy to put up and take down ( One person can do it and with two people it's a jiff.) -fit back into the original zipper case (Maybe note ever quite a neatly but they do go back in and you are able to zip the carry case.) -waterproof (So far we've had no condensation inside of the Ozark tents. **Features of the Ozark Trail 4 Person Dome Tent:** -8' x 9' -"screen" door -top "rainfly" -mud flap entry -side stash compartments for essentials -overhead net hanger for clothes, etc. -handled, zipper carry case -4 stakes and bag My only issue with Ozark tents and all tents really other than Montana Canvas Company tents are the "person" claims.  This four person tent will sleep my husband and I and one puppy or baby perhaps but I don't think any four adults would be comfortable sleeping in this tent.  I would call this a two adult or perhaps a four children tent but not a four person tent. Ozark Trail makes many sizes, including the Junior which is 6ft. x 5ft. which has served as our "guest" room for visiting kids on many occasions. Ozark Trail tents are consistently affordable, lightweight, user friendly and durable.  Buyers just need to know that Ozark also consistently over estimating the number of people who could comfortably sleep in the tents.  

Big Island, VA


the easiest tent to assemlble EVER


I rencently went camping with my 8 year old daughter. I borrowed the Ozark trail tent from a friend and was surprised in how fast it went up......i remember all those poles and extra pieces....lol....anyway it was a snap. Also during our trip it rained and we did not get ANY rain in the tent......which was also a first for me......

Dover, NH


Ozark Trail 8x9 4-Person Dome Tent

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