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First-Up 10x10 Gazebo Tent

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great tent, but not for frequent beach use


I've had my First up 10x10 tent for about a year now.  I've used it for parties and at the park, and it is great.  Easy to put up with just 2 people.  The canopy part seems to be of good quality.  If you are going to use this product for soccer games and private or park use, I could not recommend it more.  I love it.  My problem with this product come in, when I have used it multiple times at the beach, which you would think that would be a common use for the product.  The plastic locking port on the top part of the tent gets the sand lodged in it, and then the clip does not want to pop into place, since the button in the port is stuck in the "pushed in" possition.  Every time we use it, we have to jam a key into the back of the port and pop the button back out.  It worries me, because I'm sure that it is not good for the unit.  Also, I have trouble when I pack it up, getting it back into the rectangular positions, so it fits in the bag correctly.  I can always get it back in the bag, but it doesn't always look right, so it makes it harder to pull.  The pin on the bottom that holds the wheels in place is coming out, but is easy to push back in and keep going.  I know we have been harder on the unit, taking it down the path to the ocean, so I do not hold that against the product.  So, great for parks and parties... not so great for beach!


Corona, CA


Provides nice shaded area in a few minutes


We originally bought this for shade last Fourth of July. Since then, it has been used for birthday parties, local fairs and expos, and the like. I am a Tupperware rep that does several outdoor festivals a year. This gazebo goes up in a few minutes and provides protection from the elements. We love it so much, we bought another. One is used for my Tupperware, and the other is a permanent fixture in our back yard. Although I love it, do not try to put it up with just one person. You need two people to pull opposite caddy-corner pole to get it out and up. As you pull out, the top goes up. The locks that keep the top up are a little tricky at first. Once you get how they work, you can set it up in less than 5 minutes. Since the product itself is quite heavy, the wheeled carry case is absolutely wonderful. You can put it back in the case on the ground, zip it up, and wheel it wherever. Great buy!!


Fort Mill, SC


First-Up 10x10 Gazebo Tent

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