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Coby Player

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Good if you want cheap and don't expect quality


I have had two of these.  Why two you may ask.  Well, the first one broke and then the second.  As it turned out after much investigation, the players themselves didn't break, but the end of the A/V cord broke off inside the player.  No way to get it out without breaking the whole machine.  I don't usually like things to break.  I have had multiple cheap DVD players now, multiple brands.  They all break. I have held off on getting a more expensive, hopefully better quality one, because I figure my children will break it anyway.  I think if you are careful with your stuff and want something cheap to use every once in awhile, this might be okay.  The picture quality is okay, if you are using good DVDs.  I have found that if a DVD is homemade or at all damaged it won't play well or play at all in these, while it might be fine in my laptop player.  Don't expect much if you get this, but for twenty bucks what should you expect?  I miss VHS.


Astoria, OR


Coby brand name= poor quality electronics


I was given this Coby DVD player as a gift.  Let's just say it had problems from day one.  It's not worth troubleshooting or getting a replacement because all Coby electronics are cheaply made and are of poor quality.  I will never own a Coby product ever again.


Los Angeles, CA


Piece of Chinese junk


Wow.  What crap.  It worked once and then jump buzzed with loud noise and failed.  I couldn't even get a DVD out of it once since it had fallen INTO the unit.. Yes, it popped off the tray and was bouncing around inside the case. I paid barely nothing for it so I just threw it in the trash.  Don't buy and COBY brand product if you are looking for any type of quality.


Stevensville, MI


Coby Player

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