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Celebrex Pain Reliever

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This product will destroy users hearts


I was one of the lucky survivors that used this medicine to conquer the pain in my joints. I took it twice a day for almost two years before it finally debilitated my heart and causing me to suffer mini strokes until I finally had a massive heart attack resulting in my chest being opened up and removing two feet of my main artery in my right leg so a double bypass could be performed on my heart. I was a very healthy man having been a runner and dancer and martial artists for close to 30 years. I know folks who took this medicine just a few times before it ended their lives. It was taken off the market and many folks were given settlements which I was not smart enough due to my debilitated health to get involved in. After they made settlements they put it right back on the market this time black labeling it to use at your own risk. Please if you or your loved ones are taking this medicine stop because it will eventually end your life or make you into a vegetable. My life was ruined because of this drug.



Celebrex So Sfa So Good!!!


I just started Celebrex about one month ago. So far it has helped me with my joint pain. I haven't felt any stomach problem. I try to take it with milk or food. I can take two a day,but can get by with one daily. It's not as expensive as other meds that I have tried.

Ladysmith, WI


Didn't like it didn't work for me at all!!


I have tried this medicine celebrex and it didn't work at all.  I spoke with my doctor who told me to stay on it a while longer which i tried but it still did nothing for me whatsoever.  I kinda made me nauseated or maybe just from the pain it made me sick since it didn't work.  I tried it for 3 months to no avail.  My doctor was sure it was going to work.  I didn't like any of the side effects but i have talked to several people that didn't have the same side effects as I did but some said it didn't work. and some swear by it.  I took it during the winter time when i am in real pain which could of had something to do with it.  I wouldn't recommend it for anyone to use.  But it works different on different people so its up to you I am just giving my opinion on what i went through.  I have severe back and neck pain along with left leg pain which is constant.  So I was trying to find something other than pain killers. Hope this helps you all in deciding wether to use it or not.

Kingsville, MO


celebrex is great ,enables me to do daily routines


celebrex has kept me from remainig bed ridden or constantly use a wheelchair. before taking celebrex ihad great difficuilty in walking any distant at all .when taken as the doctor prescribes works really good. it is considered a NSAID  one needs to do a  liver profile every 3-6 months but it is worth the time. celebrex relieves a lot of the stiffness in your joints.Provided in a easy to swallow capsule.mostly prescribed for adults over 55 years of age.reccommended by your doctor.the inflammation is re duced when taken on a regular basics.will give a stomache if taken on a empty .stomach try never to run out of celebrex after a few days of not taking your celebrex you will feel a lot of soreness and tired feeling and stiffness in joints and your muscles. it is best taken at the same time every evening for  the celebrex to work property. taken property celebrex will allow you to go and do some  of your daily routines with less stiffness in your joints.

Sterling, IL


If you need relief ask for Celebrex


**I have been on many prescription drugs to help with my arthritic pain.  Needless to say, they never worked.  Sure the pain seemed less intense, but, the mild relief didn't last long.  I noticed an ad about Celebrex while waiting to see my doctor and decided to ask about it.  Since I tried every thing else, we decided to give it a try.  Relief was just a swallow away!  From the first pill I knew it was the one for me.  I have been on Celebrex  since 1998 and won't switch for anything.  Try it--- you'll like it and will feel better!**

Grawn, MI




Clelebrex, what can I say about the medicine... well, one word comes to mind. FANTASTIC! i SUFFERED so long with pain in my hands and arms. My doctor wrote me a subscription for this medicine and I was very skepital about it. I tried it and I've not had the pain I had, I would never even think about taking anything else. It did NOT take long for me to see the improvements in my hands and arms. I can type better, and write letters, where as before I started taking celebrex, I had a hard time holding a pen. I would recomend this to everyone. I do believe that this medicine had given me back the chance to do the things I love to do. Write, crochet and type, without the pain I was experiencing before. Thank you phfzer!!!

Auburndale, FL


Celebrex Pain Reliever

3.5 6