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Canon PIXMA ip6000d InkJet Photo Printer

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This printer is the best one we have ever owned


We received this printer as a gift when our son was born.  Our favorite feature right away was the fact that this printer can print pictures directly from a memory card without being hooked up to the computer.  As new parents we didn't have time to worry about hooking everything up so this was an amazing feature and gave us immediate prints of our favorite shots to give to family and friends.  The picture quality is really amazing for an at home printer and the ink seems to last and last forever. Now that we do have the printer hooked up to the computer I often use it to print coupons and other small print items and it has never had a problem with smearing ink or messing up bar codes on my documents.  It is super easy to use and I LOVE the override feature on the ink.   It will come up and tell you that your ink is almost out (in whichever color is about to go out) you then can over ride the system and tell it you know it is almost out but to continue printing anyway.  This is an EXTREMELY nice feature because it allows you to get more ink without stopping what you are working in that moment to find it. If or when our printer needs replaced, we will get this one again for sure!!

Williamstown, WV


it does the job


The canon pixma ip 6000D is a great printer for some one who isn't all the computer and printer friendly. it comes with a usb cable to hook straight into your computer, it has an on screen display with a two memory card port for all sizes of memory cards, you can either plug your memory card into your computer or simply plug it straight into the printer it self. you can select to print all the pictures or just simply select indivisual pictures. it has a search button, menu button, back button, you can even trim your pictures with the trimming button, you can use your setting button to adjust your photos, it even has a print button for print made easy.  The good thing about this printer is if you're just into photos, you can use this with out having a computer, you can print your pictures straight from the printer by using the memory card slot, you can even put your pictures into folders by using the folders button on the top. I must say this is an easy printer to use, now you might want to think about the ink, it has seperate containers for the color cartriges that runs out kind of fast, well i guess it depends on how much you use it 

Easton, PA


Canon PIXMA ip6000d InkJet Photo Printer

4.0 2