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Broan Allure Kitchen Hood

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Sorry I bought it and installed it.


It is not very powerful to start with. Within four months the fan would barely spin. I ordered another on line for around $50.00. The replacement fan is still working, but it is still underpowered. If you need one for apperance its not too bad, but if you need it to function you will be dissappointed. Their customer service was of no help either. The lady laughed at us when we tried to explain the problem simply replying she would need the documentation received at purchase. I explained we werent looking for a warrenty replacement, we just wanted to purchase the fan motor. I said why would anyone beleive they would need it for a range hood. So with the model number off the box she still couldn't identify the part. I snapped a picture of the motor with my phone and found one on line the next day.

Hazleton Pa


Good for the light only


We have the Broan Allure Kitchen Hood, and I really don't think that it's all that great. Sure, the light works wonders if it is really dark or you need a light directly on something that you're cooking. However, when it comes to the venting feature, there is much left to be desired. I don't think it does much more than make a pretty substantial noise. I have put it to the top level (level two of two), and it does not seem to take the heat or the steam away. I am left sweating in my hot little kitchen. Three stars are for the light, and I don't recommend this to anyone. Design I do like the design. It goes well with the range we picked out by G&E. Fan Speed There are two levels of fan speed. Both do nothing, in my opinion. Noise There is a lot of noise given off by this hood. Kind of a rattling sound. Illumination This is the only positive about the Broan hood. There are also two levels of illumination, and while both work well, the second level works great for me.

Stanton, CA


Not worth half the money you pay, very poor at pulling smoke out


Not good at all at pulling out the smoke outside. When you move the fan over stove eyes the lights shine on the floor. Very exspensive for what you get after buying the charcoal filters (which takes 2). Would not reccomend at all. Design not very efficient for what the use is for. Fan Speed Might as well not a low and high is very loud. Noise Loud fan on high which it should only have because low is what I would call off. Illumination Very good if you want to light up the floor in front of stove. You have to move the hood out way too far to get the filters over any eyes.

Darlington, SC


Broan Allure Kitchen Hood

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