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Kenmore Black 30 in. Convertible Range Hood Model #52059

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I like this Kenmore Hood!


I have really enjoyed this Kenmore hood vent that we have in the house. It works well for clearing out excessive steam on the stove, and it is incredibly quiet. I love the lighting that it provides in the kitchen; it allows for two different brightness levels. Usually, we keep it only on one bulb, but it's nice to have the option for the second bulb. Additionally, the vent works great on the lower setting. One downside I have found is how quickly it shows the dust. The vent is actually very attractive because it's shiny and black, but at the same token, it shows dust very quickly. The top of the vent is not somewhere I often look when I'm cleaning, so when I do notice it, cleaning it is long overdue! I definitely recommend this vent to those interested in buying one.

Frederick, MD


Practical Hood


We had purchased the Kenmore Black 30" convertible range hood for our kitchen.  We've come to know the Kenmore name in terms of reliability, value and good sound products, that we felt that it was a good start.   It's not a real fancy hood like some of the other's on the market, but it has the necessary controls that one needs to use a hood.  It has the blower control to help with taking away those cooking smells or something that lets off alot of smoke during the cooking process.  Also, the light is really beneficial in that it assists with more light in the cooking area, which is more focused and direct to see a lighted display on the kitchen stovetop area.  It may not be stainless steel, but it matches most decor and is a neutral color.  The cleaning is alright, but sometimes with black it may have that tendency to show spots on it, but all the colors do anyway, so it's not a different than the other's on the market.  Overall, it's a good quality product and a good value.

Chicago, IL


Kenmore Black 30 in. Convertible Range Hood Model #52059

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