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Whirlpool 30" Under Cabinet Range Hood in Stainless Steel RH4830XLS

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Great value.


This range hood was reasonably priced and has served us very well. It has a fan and light and cleans very easily without too much scrubbing. Noise Fairly quiet. Illumination There are two settings, low and high. For me the low setting is too dim, so I only use the high setting.



Decent hood, but get the Whirlpool GZ8330XL instead...


This range hood was purchased to compliment my new stainless steel KitchenAid range (the KitchenAid stainless steel range hoods are overly large and very expensive). Other reasons for purchase include the variable speed fan that can go from off to high and everywhere in between (rather than just being a 2 or 3 speed), appearance (stainless steel and black to match my other appliances), relatively low profile (7" in height), and price point. My biggest complaint is that this range hood has a regular axial fan rather than a centrifugal blower (much quieter and better airflow), but the Whirlpool model with the centrifugal blower was 9" in height which is far too much (7" is already a bit too low in my kitchen as the old GE one being replaced was only 5"). Luckily the fan in this hood is relatively quiet compared to the old range hood which is a step in the right direction. This hood also has a removeable screen/filter that is dishwasher safe and a bright lighting system that takes two 40-watt appliance bulbs (not included) and has a low and high setting. Installation was a breeze, but the construction of this unit isn't really anything impressive. The stainless steel in the front seems a bit thin and the control knobs feel cheap and unrefined. I would have also like them to go from off to low to high rather than off to high to low. Regardless, this hood definitely gets the job done regarding exhaust and can be had for a fair price. If you have enough space for a hood with a greater height, I would stronly recommend the 30 in. Whirlpool Gold® GZ8330XL Range Hood over this one.

Harrison, OH


Whirlpool 30" Under Cabinet Range Hood in Stainless Steel RH4830XLS

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