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Black & Decker
Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker

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Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker - great quality


I use my Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker nearly everyday! I am an avid rice eater, and I don't know how I would do without my rice cooker. It is just the most convenient kitchen appliance ever invented. The Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker is a great brand name. I buy a lot of Black & Decker products as I know they will last a long time and will provide good quality at a decent price. The Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker makes really fluffy rice, and you can add vegetables or spices as needed without worrying about them sticking to the bottom. The non-stick coating has lasted me well even though I use this appliance daily. I am careful to use plastic or wooden spoons always, though. There are times I have left the cooker on long after the rice is cooked, and I have never noticed any burnt rice build-up at the bottom. All in all, I am really happy I bought the Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker, and recommend it to all my friends. ** **


East Brunswick, NJ


Best Timesaver!


To be perfectly honest, I really could not tell you how to boil and cook rice in a pot, the way almost everyone did it not too long ago. This has to be attributed to this little, but super amazing rice cooker. All I do is put in equal parts of rice and water, and voila! No longer than 30 minutes later, I have perfectly cooked rice! As a tip, I do wash the rice before I put it in the cooker with the water. This Black and Decker model is well priced and does the job well - there's a small sound that it makes when the rice is done and the rice will be kept warm until you shut off the cooker. Other cookers I've had (cheaper models) will sometimes burn the rice on the bottom or have the rice overflow from the top, but this one works well for all intents and purposes!


Oakland Gardens, NY


not bad


I have owned the Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker for approximately 4 years now, and I have been using it less and less. I used to use it because I was lazy and it was easy to use, but as ive grown older I find I am able to make better rice on the stove-top. I feel that there is too much of a tendancy to just "forget" about the rice you are cooking with a rice cooker, which leads to more burned rice. Regarding this unit specifically, it is easy to use with only a few buttons. You have to make sure you really measure out how much water you want to put in, because if you put in too little, you will definitely burn your rice. This unit may be more prone to burning rice because it heats the bowl from below, instead of from all sides (like a more expensive unit may be able to do). Otherwise, I have been moderately happy with this unit for as little as it costs. It also makes enough rice for 2-3 people.


Milwaukee, WI


I like it!


I think Black and decker makes pretty good quality products. And this rice cooker falls into that category! Pretty good! It is very convienient and handy! The rice everytime I have made it has come out satissfactory. It's definitely a heck of a lot easier than boiling rice on the stovetop and waiting forever and then somtimes having the rice be to hard or too liquidy. This rice cooker is pretty straight forward and almost anyone could operate it. The six cup rice maker is a perfect size for my little family of two. You might want to go for a bigger quantity size if you have a bigger family. Rice cookers are gret if you are someone who makes slot of rice. My Asian friend once told me that every asain who cooks Asian food has rice with almost evry meal and that every Asian should own a rice cooker in their home! Laugh out loud, how funny. But how practical too. If you don't want to be waiting forever for your rice to cook and you want a fool proof way to make rice, then this is definitely a product you want to invest in! Like I said, I've always been satisfied with my results when using this rice cooker. I'm no sure about how much this costs in store however because this was a gift. But I can't imagine them running you up too badly. Especially since this is only a six cup rice maker and not a larger one like a twelve cup rice maker.


Addison, IL




This is my third rice cooker and so far it works well...My previous rice cooker was horrible to clean and scorch rice on bottom...so i am searching for a rice cooker for a long time and found this one..But this one is very good...it is very easy to use and clean...when the rice is done it will automatically turn off and keep the rice warm...this rice cooker makes great tasting hydrated rice very fast...For this reasonable price its quality is good and well worth the money...The cord is enough long to use and great quality...This is the best rice cooker for this price...till now i had any problems with this one..i think it is enough durable for a long time...i would love to recommend this product to others...A great buy for a reasonable price...


Gaithersburg, MD


Messy & overcooks rice!


When I was in college, my roommate had a rice cooker and I loved it because for some reason when I cook rice on the stove, I can never get it right. When I was getting married, I registered for this Black & Decker rice cooker. I didn't know much about what to look for in a rice cooker, but I knew I wanted one, and I figured Black & Decker was a reliable brand. I think they should stick to other appliances. I was very disappointed in this model. I would say that 90% of the time, the rice was overcooked and would burn to the bottom. I followed the directions exactly and had the same results over and over again. The top part was fine, but the bottom part was not edible. While it was cooking, it would also emit a sticky, steamy mess that would cover the counter with a residue that was difficult to clean. After less than a year of use, this rice cooker went out with a bang, literally. It began smoking and sparking. So, maybe I had a faulty model, but I was not impressed and would not recommend it.


Katy, TX


Black & decker rice cooker makes perfect, fluffy rice.


The Black & decker 6 cup rice cooker is such an effiecient and fast way of cooking rice. No more cooking rice on the stove top , waiting for the water to boil and checking if it is done everytime. This little rice cooker makes rice perfect and fluffy every single time without all the hassle of stove top cooking . It also comes with a steamer basket, a measuring cup . I use the steamer basket for steaming vegetables , the come out nice and cooked . The inner bowl has a non stick coating which makes it easy to clean. Rice does not stick to the bottom and cleaning is so much more easier. Also once the rice is cooked fully, it automatically switches to the keep warm function. So I can just plug the rice cooker on and go without having to worry about checking on it if the rice is done. This is a very versatile and easy to use rice cooker and no matter how much rice you need to cook , one cup , two cops or six , Just follow the instructions and you are good to go ! Love it !


Millburn, NJ


Not a fan


Having lived in Japan I have seen my share of Rice makers and this one is not my favorite. My dad has had the same rice maker for 20 years now and he loves it. It cooks evenly and always produces nice sticky Japanes rice and it never sticks to the pan (his he bought as an asian supermarket years ago). I bought this when I left home and found it to be a pain. It cooked my rice really nicely one time and the next my rice was crunchy. It always adherred the rice to the insert pan and I had to soak the pan for a day or two (my roommates hated it when I did this... leaving my dirty dish in the sink). I finally stopped using it and found a good old fashioned pan worked better and cleaned up faster. I would NOT recommend this one.


Springdale, AR


Great little rice cooker!


We registered and received this rice cooker for our wedding over six years ago. I use it about once a month and it is still in perfect working order. It easily cooks up a single cup of rice or six cups of rice. I love that versitility! It never burns or crunches the rice, but keeps it warm and fluffy if you follow the correct rice/water measurements. Sometimes I use chicken broth instead and it cooks that fine too. I didn't expect it to last this long, but it has and is showing no signs of slowing down! It is easily washable in the dishwasher, not sure if that was recommened or not, but it works fine! Much easier than handwashing and the cooker as whole is just wonderful-I'll never cook rice on the stovetop in a pan again!


Eagle River, AK


Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker is a gem!


We purchsed the Black & Decker 6-Cup Rice Cooker after many years of using a three-cup, drugstore model. With two growing boys, three cups of rice per meal was just not doing the job. After owning it for about six months, I have to say we are very happy with the purchase. The rice it cooks is light and fluffy, much better than what we were used to, even with using bargain basement rice. What has impressed me most is how the non-stick coating has really hung in there. We have been careful to only use plastic utensils on it (the spoon that come with it works well. There have been times that we have left the cooker on for a few hours more than we should have, but I haven't had any problem with scorching. We look forward to several more years of use from this excellent product.


West Hartford, CT


Black & Decker RC3406 6-Cup Rice Cooker

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