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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Bissell PowerTrak Bagless Revolution Vacuum

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Great little vacuum


My husband and I have had this vacuum since our first apartment over 5 years ago. We now have a house, and a cat and this vacuum is still doing a great job! It worked fine in our small apartment, and it was easy to maneuver in small spaces. We now have a bigger house, and it still does a great job of picking up dirt in larger spaces. Very happy with this vacuum- a great one for the price!


Springboro, OH


BisselPowerTrak best vacuum I ever owned


The Bissel Power Trak Cyclonic Momentum bagless vacuum is great. It has a three position handle, upright, normal cleaning and low cleaning.  There are four height adjustmnets, Bare floor, low setting, medium and high.On board tools include dusting brush, upholstery tool, extension wand, curved hose wand and a turbo brush, great for stairs, back and step parts. easy to clean dirt container has "full line". Drive belt and lightbulb easy to replace. reasonably priced.


Blue Springs, MO


I love to vacuum!


This Bissell Bagless vacuum was given to us as a wedding present. I love to vacuum! It is probably one of my favorite house cleaning chores to do! I love how it is bagless so you don't have to buy bags to replace every so often. You can just empty the cup thing and you are good to go! It has a filter indicator thing on it where the green thing turns red when the filters need cleaning, but it has never turned red and I haven't figured out how that works. I do clean out the filters every so often, so maybe they don't ever get clogged enough for the indicator to turn red. It is very easy to clean the filters. I just take them all out and wash them and let them air dry. Very easy! I also blow out the entire vacuum with an air compressor hose. This will get all the dust that collects in the hose and up in places that you can't reach very well. Just make sure that if you do that, when you turn the vacuum on for the first time you are out side because it will send a puff of dust out the side filter! I really like the Bissell vacuum and am very happy with it!


New Haven, IN


Bissell 6591 is big-family friendly


I am the mom of six busy children.  They are ages 11 to 2 and we homeschool.  I hope that gives you a good picture of how dirty our carpets can get on a daily basis.  I use my Bissell 6591 vacuum EVERY SINGLE DAY and have for about 2 years now. The pros:  this vacuum really gets the dirt up.  It is amazing and also somewhat disgusting to see just how much dust this thing sucks up.  It also will suck up hair clippies, legos, pieces of petrified toast and just about any item that will fit through the tube.  The tubing is very easy to clean out when baby socks or slightly larger items get stuck inside.  I like the attachments being right on the vacuum, so handy to just unhook the tubing and suck up along the edges of the wall. Cons:  After two years, we have several cracks in the tubing that are currently being covered by duct tape. :)  The beater bar is wearing out and really, we'll be replacing this vacuum very soon. Overall, a great value for the money. It lasted 2 years, when other vacuums only made it for one in our busy home. 


Port Orchard, WA


Bissell PowerTrak Bagless Revolution Vacuum

4.8 4