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Bissell FeatherWeight 3-Way Bagless Vacuum

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Easy to use, Picks up Well


I've had this vacuum cleaner for a while now, and I like it for all of the quick jobs around the house. I have light carpeting and it works great on it, easily removing most anything that is in its way. The cleaner is lightweight, and while I am not sure of the exact numbers I am sure it isn't far over 5 pounds. You can easily move it with just one hand needed and it works in all rooms of the home. I like the bagless filter. It is easy to pop out, but I do have a bit of trouble getting it back on each and every time. However, i never have a problem with dust spreading through the air when I empty it. The suction is great. It picks up everything as I said. It is really not noisy, although I will say it is a bit louder than some of the others that I have saw. Since Ive had it for so long I will say that it is also very durable. And it is cheap. For the money you cant get a better vacuum cleaner. Even though it is discontinued it would be worthwhile to find itused. Maneuverability It doesnt fit in corners well. Versatility Use it anywhere on most any kind of floorinh Design Nothing special


Nashville, TN


Bissel 3 Way Vacuum is great!


I received this Bissel 3-Way Bagless Vacuum as a gift from my Mom. She is one smart lady. She saw that this vacuum is not only a dust buster, but it also cleans floors quickly and easily with only two snaps and a pull! Genius! When I first used this vacuum on hardwood floors I was concerned because it seemed to make a lot of noise and sortof scrape along the floor. But, after a thorough check, it seemed like everything was a-ok and I kept moving sucked up all kinds of dirt and did an excellent job cleaning up after my cooking mess! A quick hit of the kitchen counters and it was like dinner never happened! This is another tool (like the Swiffer WetJet) that gets my husband motivated to clean up. It can be pulled out quickly and easily and put away just the same, does the job with a few swipes and everybody's happy and satisfied. I would recommend this highly for college students in an apartment or dorm or someone with a small space who needs the flexibility of this great tool!


Plymouth Meeting, PA


Bissell 3 Way Bagless is convienent.


Bissell 3 way bagless is convient. There is 3 ways to use it. It has a detachable handle and detachable bottom. You can use it on carpet, hardwood, linoleum, anything!!! It is easy to use. It is bagless. You just pop the top right off and empty the contents in the trash. It has a filter that can be removed and cleaned as well. The vacum may be little but it is powerful. It will pick up just about anything. I have seen it pick up quarters. I live in a small two bedroom apartment. It is all hardwood. We bought small pieces of carpet to put around the house to make it echo less. I wanted something small and easy to store that didn't cost much. My mother recommended this to me. She lives in a three bedroom two floor house. Her house is fully carpeted. So this little inexpensive vaccum can be used anywhere and in any type of house. It is not loud so it does not bother the neighbors in our apartment building.


Dayton, OH


Bissell FeatherWeight 3-Way Bagless Vacuum

4.7 3