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BFI Antiseptic First-Aid Powder

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I've been using BFI powder since I was a kid. We always had some around. It's great for acne wounds, rashes, cuts, and even random things like foot odor and wetness. My dad started using it when *HE* was a kid. He cut himself and knicked an artery. He kept applying BFI powder, wait, apply, wait, apply, until it stopped. When he went to the ER, they told him with that kind of wound, it should not have stopped bleeding at all. The doctor was stunned. That's how amazing this stuff is! It doesn't sting like some medicines, so kids don't shy away. The coagulant stops bleeding; the antibacterial heals; and a little goes a long way! Currently, it's only available on Amazon for over $100/bottle. It's heartbreaking because this is fantastic product. It's never gotten a lot of buzz in the media, even though it should. Forget Neosporin. Toss the Mecurocrome. Save the hydrogen peroxide for cleaning toothbrushes. BFI powder + Band-Aid = winning combination EVERY TIME

Superior, WI


Go.To remedy! Forget Polysporin muck.


I,ve known of BFI powder since the 70s when it was an essential for our equine first aid kit. It became difficult to find in stores, and I wondered whether it had been outlawed in Canada. Fortunately, I,ve hoarded some BFI, bought in the USA, and used it yesterday on my aged diabetic husband who has a ghastly, persistent wound on his shin and I was fearing gangrene. Voila! Improvement in one day!! I had known BFI only for horses, but I was desperate. It worked, and husband is improving. Euthanasia not required.



BFI Antiseptic First-Aid Powder

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