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Avon Soft Musk Cologne

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What changed?


I used to wear this scent all the time and loved it. I was so excited to see Avon bring it back. I purchased a bottle of it and couldn't wait to wear it again. I used just a little on my arms and neck. A few hours later I had a light rash and it was itchy wherever it was spritzed. I contacted Avon and asked if the formula had changed and I was assured that no,it was the same as always. I was on a new medication at the end and chalked it up to that. I put it aside and didn't wear again for a while. I decided to wear it again yesterday. I now have a rash on arms and neck and at the base of my back I have a nasty rash that has actually blistered up. Unfortunately, I can never wear this again and I want to warn others that it can happen even if you wore it previously with no issues.



Avon Soft Musk is a Classic


When I was an Avon representative, I purchased and used many of the Avon perfumes. I found them much cheaper than designer perfumes, and many of the Avon perfumes were excellent products. Although Avon sells a wide variety of perfumes, their Soft Musk was my customers favorite, and was one that was purchased by my customers over and over. Musk can be a very powerful, exotic and sultry scent, but this Avon Soft Musk does exactly what the name implies, it softens the musk scent to make it appropriate for daytime wear as well as evening wear. It is a scent that often gets comments from friends and strangers alike. Avon Soft Musk mixes the scent of musk with spices, vanilla, jasmine and rose. It is considered to be of the oriental variety of scents, although I don't know that I totally agree with that assessment. As with most musk scents, you don't need a lot of it to smell good, in fact the less the better. It is a scent that does last a long time, so I generally spray a small amount onto my sweater or on my pulse points, and I am good to go.I consider Soft Musk to be an Avon classic, and if it wasn't one of their best sellers they would discontinue the scent. The fact that it has been sold by Avon for so many years speaks for itself.Avon stands behind all of their products. If you purchase this perfume and decide you don't like it, you can return it to Avon for a refund. You can even ask your Avon rep for a sample of the scent so you can try it out before you buy it. If you like the scent of musk, I think you'll love Avon Soft Musk.

Eagle River, AK


Avon Soft Musk Cologne just made me feel delicious!


I bought this years ago as an afterthought because it was a special deal where you buy one and then get the second for half off.  I got the Soft Musk as the half off because I figured that if I didn't like it I could give it to someone as a gift. I tried it on and was hooked after about 5 minutes.  I wasn't sure until then because it went on a little strong.  But then after a few, it softened down to match its name and I was hooked. This scent is one of Avon's best all time women's scents!  It has a sweet, soft, subtle yet still bold flavor and it goes with just about everything.   It is long lasting and never overwhelming.  If you are around people that are scent or chemical sensitive, it may bother some but for the most part, it is just as soft as the title and worth the small price that Avon charges.  A definite winner.

Payette, ID


Soft Musk is everyday fresh and sensual.


I have been using this cologne, Avon Soft Musk Cologne, since I was 14 years old.  Although I have worn many different scents through the years, I have never been without my Soft Musk Cologne from Avon.  Even though I may have strayed and given in to the temptation to try other fragrances, I have always made sure that Avon Soft Musk Cologne was on my dresser, ready to spray on at a moment's notice.  This cologne is soft and timeless.  It encompasses all that a woman is and all that a woman needs in a fragrance.  Avon Soft Musk Cologne is not as heavy as other musk cologne or perfumes.  It still lasts all day and into the evening.  It makes a wonderful scent to spray onto a handkerchief or doily and leave in your lingerie drawer or leave on a table or windowsill.  This imparts a delicate yet unforgettable scent in the air.  A quick spray on the bottom or sides of your dresser drawer(s) will give a haunting scent for quite some time.

Fargo, ND


Smelled good at first then poof it was gone!!


I usually love Avon products but I feel that the Avon Soft Musk Cologne falls far short of the usual Avon products.  After about 25 minutes the fragrance of this one was all but gone and the only things that seemed to want to smell it were the bees that kept following me around the picnic.  The next time I put it on, which happened to be another picnic, but cloudy day this time, there were bees again.  This bottle of Avon Soft Musk will never be used by me again.  I gave it to a friend  and she experianced the same problems so the bottle went into the trash.  Many of the other Avon perfumes that I have enjoyed in the past are no longer available so I will probably keep trying, since my Ster-Mom is a dealer.  She did say that other women have had the "fun" with the bees after using Soft Musk.



Avon Soft Musk Cologne

3.2 5