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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Rapture

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Love the scent; but not as a perfume


Rapture smells absolutely amazing! The only thing is that it is entirely too strong in the perfume form. It's much better as a body spray. You also receive a lot more product if you buy the body spray rather than the perfume. The perfume is actually a little overpowering, like most I find in Victoria's Secret, even if you only use one squirt. Its very long lasting and worth the price since you don't need to apply much. It doesn't not cause breakouts or blemishes if sprayed on your skin. It doesn't leave stains if you spray it on your clothes. I always get stopped and receive compliments on this perfume. It has a unique, musky smell, but it is not meant for my grandmother. The scent lasts all day long, and doesn't need to be reapplied throughout the day. I would recommend this scent to someone looking for a new, mature great smelling perfume! This is definitely one of my top 5 scents from Victoria's Secret.




old lady smell


Victoria's Secret Rapture fragrance is a strong musk, and I think smells like "oldy lady perfume."  One spritz of this and you'll be smelling it all day.  The fragrance itself has a strong smell, and the dark color left a light residue on my clothing.


Rockford, MI


The capture of Rapture


This perfume is not only one of the oldest of Victoria's secret fragrances but also it one of the best smelling of all that VS carries. It unique hypnotic blend is an state of "rapture" for the senses, and not only on the nose! It doesn't take much and it last all day! When I have ever worn it I am complimented all day long, no matter what time a day. I've worn it for the past 10- 12 years as my only fragrance and have never wanted to change it. If someone is looking for a long lasting perfurme that is moderately priced. Then Rapture is the fragrance for you. It is moderately price and worth every penny! I own several fragrances but Rapture is by far none the one I chose on a daily basis. It's rich exotic, hyponotic fragances will have you HOOKEd with the first spray upon yourself! I guarantee 9 out of 10 women of all ages will enjoy and love Victoria's Secret Rapture!!!  


Elko, NV




I have been using the perfume, Rapture, by Victoria Secret for over fifteen years now.  It is still one of my very favorite perfumes and is very distinct.  I was given Victoria's Secret Rapture perfume first as a gift and fell in love with it the moment I sprayed it on.  From that point on, I have continued to purchase this perfume, or have gotten it from friends, or family for birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, and Christmas gifts.  I eventually started giving it to my friends and family members for gifts also.  Everyone bottle that I have given out, has been received with great appreciation and love for the new fragrance that I provided them with.  It's not a perfume that I wear everyday, but one that I wear for special occasions.  I believe it is a little too strong to wear around the house in your scrubs, or sweats.  I also love the Victoria's Secret has a purse size bottle that is also available.  It's nice to have when I go away on trips and I can take this along, without bringing the large bottle.


Sterling Heights, MI


My Favorite Perfume


This is, by far, my fav smell!  It is light and soft, not a bit overpowering.  I get compliments from both friends and strangers alike.  And, it stays on all day.  Very reasonably priced, as well.


Fenton, MO


Victoria's Secret Rapture has a good name, but it's just okay.


Victoria's Secret Rapture has a good name but it's just okay.  I was a little disappointed with this product because I thought it would have a very exciting smell to it.  Especially because of the name of it, but instead, it was unexciting.  The smell of Rapture doesn't really make me feel happy.  The scent is kind of floral but strong, all at the same time, and much too completely.  Part of that description I believe is the description for the word rapture.  Anyway, the scent will definitely stick with you when, for example, you run errands or something.  I do like this scent a lot more when it starts to fade, it smells much more pleasant that way.  The design of the bottle is kind of pretty and kind of cute, I'd have to call it somewhere in-between.  I will also say that the smell of it is exotic as well as it is flowery and strong.  Frankly, I think you have to smell this one before you buy it because you will either really like it or not.  And lastly, I think that it is a little over-priced for the way that it smells.  If I were to rate this product on a scale of "1-10", I'd have to give it a "6".


Stockton, CA


Talk about compliments


EVERYTIME I wear this perfume I get multiple compliments. It's so beautiful of a fragrance, it has to be noticed. It goes on strong, but lightens a bit as the day progresses. It stays on until washed off. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! :)


Twentynine Palms, CA


Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume one of my Favorites!


This perfume has been around awhile and there is a reason for that, it is one of the best that Victora Secret has ever put out. The sent lasts all day, but is not overpowering. Smells like a lady not a little girl, so it is not too sweet or citrusey. Great perfume!!  


Thatcher, AZ


When I'm 64...Maybe.


I am one of those women who really likes to wear fragrances. In fact I wear a different one nearly every day. I enjoy a variety of fragrances ranging from fruity to clean to woodsy. There are few fragrances that I can not find an occasion or appreciation for. Perhaps some day I will find a greater appreciation of this fragrance. Right now, I find it to be too heavy. Rapture is the only remaining classic fragrance from Victoria's Secret, all the others have been discontinued, though they continue to pop up periodically. This fragrance is beautifully packaged in a golden heart with an amber center. The fragrance is classified as a vanilla oriental scent. The top notes are citrus and orange blossom. The middle notes are fressia, jasmine and Bulgarian rose. Finally the low notes are amber, musk, vanilla and heliotrope. These are acutally some of the notes in some of my favorite fragrances, however their combination in this fragrance is overwhelming and too mature. I am not suggesting that it is a bad fragrance or offensive. Simply that I find it to be too mature at my current age. Perhaps as I grow older I will be able to enjoy this fragrance more, but for now I choose to stick to lighter, less mature fragrances.


Colorado Springs, CO


Victoria's Secret Rapture

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