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Avon Haiku

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light and pretty


This was my first real perfume and the one I consistently used for the longest time. It was affordable, smells great and seemed to last a pretty good amount of time. It wasn't overpowering and didn't trigger a headache so win win




Avon Haiku smells light, clean, and wonderful.


Avon Haiku smells so good. My husband noticed I was wearing something new immediately and commented on how good I smelled. The scent of this product is not over-powering. The scent is light but long lasting. It stays with you all day! The great thing is that Haiku comes in deodorant, powder, shower gel, lotion, and cream. So you can layer these for a stronger scent or wear individually for a more subtle scent. It has Japanese Citrus and lush floral notes but it does not have a strong flowery scent. I am very scent loyal and only wear one or two on a regular basis. I loved Haiku so much I added it to my regular rotation. The price of Haiku is unbeatable. Avon regularly offers sales on this product. I wear Ralph Lauren Blue which costs much more but I love Haiku just as much and it is so cost effective I can wear this anytime, all the time. This scent is a nice scent for all ages. There are so many positive points to this product. It is definitely worth trying.




Strong scent that smells beautiful!


I love Haiku by Avon! I always buy this perfume throughout the year. It is one of the best perfumes that is sold by Avon. It is very strong and lasts all day long. I only need to spray it on me a few times and I can smell it on me all day. I would recommend this for older women who love to smell nice all throughout the day.




Love this light floral scent


I absoluley love this perfume.  I got it as a gift as part of a set of three (body lotion and body wash was also included)   I have loved it since I first got it.  The scent just is so nice light and floral.  I love wearing it to work, to the mall, to go visit family, to go to a party, its just an all purpose scent for me.  I also like the shape of the bottle, it stands out the most on my dressing table.  I have loads of other perfumes, but this one it the one i use the most.


Round Rock, TX


Avon Haiku - at least it doesn't smell cheap!


Most of the scents from Avon are a bit too overwhelming for me.  I am not into heavily flowered, fruity or perfumed scents.  They make me sneeze or I can smell them on myself so strongly all day long.  I ordered this product from an Avon catalog because the design on the bottle was interesting to me and made me want to know what it smelled like.  Usually I don't bother if I can't smell the product first since I'm so sensitive to scents in the first place, but I just had to give this one a try.  While I wasn't completely disappointed, it still is a bit too strong for me.  One small squirt and I can smell it on myself the entire day.  I usually go with lighter scents, but this one is ok on occassion.   I have gotten complements from others when I wear it, so I know it's not a total bust.  My boss even ordered a small bottle for his wife he liked it so much.  Avon does a great job of keeping prices very budget conscious for their customers.  So even if you don't care for this scent, it won't break your pocketbook to try it!  If you're sensitive to perfume you may not like it, but at the resonable price Avon charges, it's worth a try.


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Wonderful, soft smell


This fragrance smells delightful. It is made for a casual day out that could be worn daily due to its light scent. Unlike some perfume, which makes you smell from a mile away, this perfume is not too overpowering and would not make you sick of your own smell.


Brooklyn, NY


Haiku smells great without being overpowering


I first received Avon Haiku Perfume Spray as a gift from my Mother.  What I loved about it first was how it was strong, but didn't overpower me.  My husband also noticed it but said it didn't smell like I had drenched myself with scent.  I also like that it has a powder and lotion to go with it.  I like that I can get out of the shower and start with that faint scent from the powder and then add the perfume later, when I'm done getting ready.  I don't like to use all three at once, because then it does become overpowering.  Avon Haiku Perfume is not a cheap perfume and it's kind of inconvenient to buy.  I haven't bought any of it in ages because there isn't an Avon agent living nearby that I know and want to buy from.  When I am able to buy it, though, I do because I know Avon is a reputable company and produces quality products.  Plus, since I'm careful to use it sparingly and because one spritz is really enough to surround me with a light scent for an entire day, I don't think I'm in danger of running out any time soon. 


Camp Hill, PA


Avon Haiku Eau De Perfume Spray is my signature scent!


Be ready for anything with a wardrobe of florals that range from soft  to sexy.  For day wear choose a floral scent like Haiku.  It's like poetry for your senses.  It is a warm soft floral evoking serenity of a japanese garden.  Haiku is blooming with delicate jasmine, lillies and citrus.  It is my all time favorite Avon scent.  I'm always complimented when I wear Avon Haiku. 


Rochester, NY


Haiku by Avon Eau De Parfum is HOTT!!


Avon's Haiku is a very sexy and intriguing fragrance I have ever used in my entire life. Been purchasing Haiku for a long period of time. Haiku is really affordable. The scent lingers long enough to last you the whole day. Avon's Haiku is one of those unique fragrance that is catchy and leaves people wondering. I never in my life had anyone or everyone commented my about how wonderful my fragrance smells. The quantity and quality of the perfume is right. Even the price for the Avon's Haiku Fragrance. Haiku is almost as good as brand name perfume you might get at the store or mall. Haiku has this nice floral like jasmine scent when spritzed on, it leaves you this clean and fresh feeling. I have used other fragrances in the past, but it can not top Avon's Haiku. I have not even replaced Haiku with any other fragrance that I know or heard. I just love this product way too much. It is a scent I don't think you can get tired of. This is worth my money.


Stockton, CA


Absolutely love this product


 My husband bought the entire collection for me, and I absolutely loved it. It has a very fresh scent that lasts all day, but isnt overpowering like some perfumes that mostly smell like alcohol. Comes in a pretty pagoda shaped bottle that avon bottle collectors will want to collect. This is one Avon item I will definately be reordering.


Saint Stephen, SC


Avon Haiku

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