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Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl a must have!


Now every girl has their favorite scents or whatever but my favorite is Tommy Girl.I love that it's light and soft yet sexy.I make sure that I have at least one bottle on me at all times,it's like you having to have your favorite lipgloss/balm/stick or eyeliner.You just gotta have it with you. 


Chicago, IL


Fresh, lasting, classic!


I have been wearing Tommy Girl, on and off, for the past decade. It is a great scent. It is light and fresh, and not too cloying. Like others have said, it truly does last all day. It is a very good value, affordable for nearly all budgets. Tommy Girl used to be so popular that every girl in junior high smelled the same, but I think in the past few years it has lost some of its popularity and you don't smell it on every girl and woman that you meet. It smells good on nearly everyone, and works well with all body chemistries, which is why it has remained such a big seller for so many years. It smells differently on my mother than it does on me, but it is great on both of us. I don't feel like, now that I am in my mid twenties, I am too old to be wearing this. It is a classic scent, and neither young nor old. I think I will still have a bottle of this in my bathroom in another ten years. I highly recommend this purfume - you can purchase it confidently even if you have never smelled it before.


Riverside, AL


Lasts a lifetime


I started buying and using tommygirl perfume years and years ago.I absolutely adore and love it.Tommy Girl has to be one of the best perfumes out there.The smell never gets old and it is quite refreashing.One bottle of Tommy Girl goes such a long way because you do not have to spray that much to get the scent on you.It also last through out the whole day, so you do not have to reapply it as the day goes by.I love this product so much I even got my neice hooked on using it.My boyfriend also really loves the smell.It is a great perfume to use if you have a long day a head of you and need to smell your best all day long.It is also a great perfume to try and catch a guy with because the scent really does carry.It is a strong smell, but not too strong.Just strong enough to grab peoples attention and tell you how good you smell or ask what perfume you are wearing.This is definately one of my favorite perfumes by far.


Louisville, KY


My favorite scent!


I must say, I have used this perfume for the past ten years and absolutely love it.  I have a hard time finding perfume that I actually enjoy and this is one of the rare few.  In fact, I have used the same bottle for the past ten years because I use it for special occasions.  Not because it's overly expensive, but because I like to have it make me feel good and special so I don't use it all the time.  I love the scent - to be honest it makes me feel sexy.  I wore it on every date I've ever had with my husband and he likes it too.  Despite how long I have kept the bottle, I have not had any problem with the scent either losing it's potency or changing in any way like some other perfumes do.  It keeps the same scent.  It lasts pretty long as I wear it as well.  Not one of those that is overpowering for thirty minutes and then is gone.  It lasts for several hours.  I would recommend this perfume to anyone.


Kansas City, MO


Tommy Hilfinger Cologne


I simply love love love this perfume. It a fresh smelling perfume that is not over powering or has a strong scent that makes you have a headache like some other perfumes do. I have bought a lot of perfumes over the years and I have to say this is defiantly the best I have ever bought. I love how fresh it makes me feel and how long it last on my body without having to r spray myself a couple of times a day at least. I know everyone will be surprised at Tommy Girl by Tommy Hifinger last a very long time on you. It's simply the best perfume I have ever bought and the prices definitely right. I think I bought it for 38.0 or so..I'm not too sure on the price but it's not over priced at all.


Warwick, RI


I smell good!


Tommy Girl smells so good. It's a very light and young fragrance that I love to wear in the spring and summer. I actually first got into this fragrance by wearing knockoffs in middle school. I hadn't used Tommy Girl since then until I saw that a good friend of mine had it in her bathroom last Spring. I figured "what the hey - I'll try it" and was so pleasantly surprised. It isn't heavy or strong, and I find it energizing, uplifting, and refreshing. I loved it so much and would use it every time I went over to her house, and then I finally caved and bought a bottle for myself. It's not too pricey as far as designer fragrances go. At first I was a bit afraid of my friends thinking that my scent was too immature, but to my surprise they all loved it and couldn't believe that it was Tommy Girl. Perhaps the company should invest in some rebranding because everyone I encountered (late 20's and 30's - not middle schoolers!) liked the scent and I got no critical feedback. I'd recommend giving this product another try.


Gainesville, FL


Tommy Girl is my every day perfume


I was about thirteen when I first used this perfume.  My parents had given it to me Christmas morning one year (they had been shopping and found they were having a deal at some department store where you got a free duffle if you bought it so they got me both).  After just one sniff, I was hooked!  I love the sweetness of the fragrance.  It's rich enough to be considered perfume (not fruity or a spray) but not heavy or overpowering.  It's light enough to use on an every day basis, which was then and is now exactly what I look for in a perfume.  Also, the price is reasonable.  It is more expensive than some others, and especially more pricey than say a spray of some kind, but I think the fragrance is well worth the price.  (And I am usually a very frugal shopper, so that is saying quite a lot.)  I started using it fourteen years ago and have never stopped -- it's just that amazing of a perfume!


Rexburg, ID


Tommy Girl makes me say, "mmm I smell nice".


Who doesn't love Tommy Girl.? I starting buying it at a very young age and it is one smell that I have not grown out of. I always have a bottle on hand. It is a little pricey but one spray goes a long way. So one bottle will last a year or two. The smell will stay all day and one spray is enough. You still smell it even after a 12 hour day at work. I LOVE tommy girl!!! It has such a playful smell to it but it is not to strong that is knocks you down. Although everytime I spray it I sneeze once don't know if it my nose thanking me for such a wonderful smell or maybe conincidence, who knows but I still love it and I will never sway from it. my mother even loves this perfume so whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift it is worth every penny. Please do not ever stop making Tommy Girl. I don't believe that I have ever met any girl who does not like tommy girl and I don't think that I ever will.!!


Wytheville, VA


My sister has used this for years and loves it!


This is the perfume of choice for my sister, and she has been wearing it for over ten years now and never felt the desire to switch fragrances.  I borrowed it from her on occasion and found it to be very nice and it coordinated well with all of the different fragrances in my shampoo, deodorant, and lotions.  Another positive attribute of this perfume is that it is not extremely expensive, in comparison to other perfumes, and so it is more affordable than a lot of perfumes on the market.  Another thing about the quality of the product you are getting with Tommy Girl perfume is that it lasts all day long or longer.  I sprayed it on my clothes a few times and even though the fragrance faded as the day went on, the smell stayed in my clothes until I washed them.  The lasting power of the fragrance is really helpful for keeping you smelling fresh and good even if your deodorant starts to fade as the day goes on.


Atlanta, GA


Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Scent of a Woman


This is the best cologne a woman should wear. It keeps you feeling clean and vitalized all day. I wouldn't wear anything else. I had received this as a gift a few years ago on a holiday and ever since I have worn this perfume. It smells clean and leaves you feeling clean.


Madison, WI


Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

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