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Aroma Cool Touch 8-Cup Rice Cooker

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Perfect Rice Every Time!


When I started cooking more Asian foods at home versus eating out, I purchased this rice cooker. In my search for rice cookers I thought I would need to buy a fancy machine with many different settings, bells and whistles. But in the end, I chose this one for my overall needs and it's simplicity. Overall it is a very good machine to cook rice perfectly as well as other foods that are good steamed. The machine takes up little space on the counter top and is easy to clean. The ease of cleaning is something I look for in all kitchen machinery. Also in my opinion, it looks very nice in a stainless steel decorated kitchen. The machine has settings for white rice, brown rice and steam. It also has a delayed timer and warming buttons. The delayed timer is a handy feature for when the main course is not ready. While the warming feature comes in handy to avoid putting the rice in the microwave for reheating. This feature also does not dry out the rice as would other reheating methods. Overall the Aroma rice cooker is a good add on to any kitchen, especially if you have had trouble in the past preparing rice perfectly.

Raleigh, NC


cooks perfect steamed rice


I'm really happy with this rice cooker. It is very easy to use. I love the settings and automatic warming feature. Once the rice is done cooking, the machine automatically switches to warming and keeps the rice from going bad. That is great - you just dump the rice and water and walk away. The recipe book that comes with it is lame. The best way to add flavor is to cook with chicken or another kind of stock or broth. You can also find seasoning packets at an Asian super market or in the Asian aisle at the grocery store. The rice server is neat and makes you feel authentic when serving. The bowl comes out and is easy to clean. The stainless steel on the outside is prone to smudges and I find it hard to keep it looking nice, but it doesn't affect the usage. The machine can also steam vegetables, but I have not been able to do it successfully. They always turn out limp and bland.



Great Rice Cooker


The Aroma Cool Touch 8-Cup Rice Cooker is amazing! We have had this unit for over four years now with no problems. It works reliably and very easily, turning on at the press of a button. There is a two cup minimum for this cooker, which generally is not an issue. However, usually we just want fresh rice for two people and two cups makes more than we really need. The ease of use is a great plus. Just add the rice, add some water, and turn it on. Clean up afterwards is super easy as well. The inner 'rice pot' (not sure what it is called) can usually just be wiped down very quickly without scrubbing. If we were to ever run into any problems with this unit, we would likely replace it with the same or similar model from the same brand.

Newcastle, WA


Works Ok, Would Like to Cook Less Rice At Once


I registered for this gift as a wedding present because we like rice but were having a hard time cooking it on the stove (would get burnt or be hard). I do have an easy time making rice with this pot, but you have to make at least 4 cups, which is WAY too much for us, and we don't like it reheated. I probably would not buy this again. Also, I tried to use the steam function once to make chicken, and it was a total fail. I ended up cooking the chicken on the stove after I wasted like an hour trying to get it to cook on the steam tray. Ease of Cleaning The bowl on the inside does remove, making it pretty easy to clean. Design I wish I could cook less rice at a time.

Palm Bay, FL


Aroma Cool Touch gets the job done


We bought the Aroma Cool Touch Digital Eight Cup about three months ago to replace a smaller less functional brand. It has performed beautifully and the cooked quality of the rice is much more consistent. Amongst it's functions are that it can cook up to eight cups of rice and steam meats and vegetables simultaneously. It has a nonstick inner pot for quick and easy cleanup and a separate steamer tray. One feature we really like is the delay timer which allows us to set the start time up to fifteen hours earlier. Great for that early morning bowl of congee. It has a modern clean design which fits well with the other kitchen appliances. The digital display is bright and easy to read. There is an alarm beeper to indicate when the rice is cooked. As the name implies, the exterior of the cooker stays fairly cool while cooking but it is recommended to not touch the steamer vent. I am happy to recommend this product and the Aroma Cool Touch Digital Eight Cup rice cooker will be with us for many years.  

Orlando, FL


a perfect compliment to my crock pot


I got this cooker/steamer as a birthday gift from my in-laws.  I am an avid crock pot user and asked for something to compliment it.  I have never owned or used a rice cooker before, so consider that when reading my review, but I think this thing is awesome!  It cooks the rice perfectly every time and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the delay programmer that allows me to set what time I want the rice to be cooked by.  That way, when I get home at 8pm at night, my crock pot meal is cooked and warm and I have freshly steamed rice or veggies to go with it.  That feature is priceless! I have used this cooker for so many things already and am so surprised!  We used it on Christmas to steam warm our homemade tamales (then they were kept warm all day!), I use it to steam veggies and obviously cook rice.  I also love to use it to steam veggies to make my kiddo's baby food!  I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something innovative and convenient.  I have yet to use it to steam meat and so far I haven't found any cons.

Mesa, AZ


Aroma Cool Touch 8-Cup Rice Cooker

4.0 6