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Apple Magic Touchpad

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Easy to use


Don't have much experience with this product but love the apple touch products. They excel in technology. The Apple support team is excellent. Apple continuously produces new and sophisticated products. I wish I could afford more of these products such as an iPad and a MacBook.


Moscow, OH


I thought I might love the Apple magic trackpad, but no


The wireless mouse was always falling off my desk.  I've had several of them and they all had to be thrown out.  So when Apple introduced the magic trackpad I thought I'd really love it.  After all, I didn't have to move it around.  It was very small and sat next to my wireless keyboard almost seamlessly.  It had no moving parts and if I spilled anything on it there was nowhere for it to go and it wiped up instantly.  But I just can't seem to get used to it.  It sits on the desk and once in a while I remember it is connected via Bluetooth and I swipe it now and again, but I still always use the mouse.  I think it bothers my fingertips.  I also don't think it clicks effortlessly the way the mouse does -- it seems to have less precision.  Several times I would be swiping on it and it would pick up an icon from my dock and just remove it.  Other time 7 or 8 windows open at once and I get confused about what to do to get it back to normal.  If, for example I wanted to put a sentence before this one, it takes a lot of effort to go back to the word "Other" and start to enter a sentence.  I'm used to getting thing done quickly and this slows me up more than what is acceptable.  


Henderson, NV


the apple magic touchpad is a wonderful tool for almost anyone


the apple magic touchpad is a wonderful innovation from apple, and it just shows that apple can continue to produce simply impressive works of technology. like all products the apple touchpad isnt perfect, but its the closest to it than ive seen in a long time, it has its flaws, but very few of them at that. the impressive things about this product are its sleek look and brilliant screen, with a very high resolution. although with all of its wonders there are some things that people dont like about the touchpad. some say that its too expensive, or just a remake of the ipod touch. but the touchpad has many more abilites than the ipod touch and alot of improvements in the software have been made. overall i think that the apple touchpad would be a very good investment for most people that enjoy playing games and surfing on the web and chatting with friends. for those who do not enjoy electronics like i do, investing in the apple touchpad would not be a good idea


Brookville, OH


I want to live good


seems to hold memory without freezing up all the time. great for creating and downloading pictures and music videos. I love to create a this gives you the extra ability to creat what you want. It also allows you to inquire if you need help. I love using multiple screens I am a multi tasker so I feel I cab get more done that way. It's a little expensive but i believe you pay for wat you get, I enjoy . I also like that it is compact enough to travel with me, easy to use and it stays well protected in its own case.   I love it!!


Orange Park, FL


Apple magic touchpad- Simply amazing.


I am not fortunate to own the apple magic touchpad, but I was fortunate enough to come in contact through a friend who purchased one. It is simply amazing.The device is potentialy change portable computing profoundly.Gives access to everything,documents,photos,spread-sheets,create presontationsnotes. Access to ibooks,maps music,videos. These are just a few features. It is also accesabilty instantly for people with disabiltys. all at just a touch. The ipad is making technolgy easy accessable for eveyone. Amazing.


Dover, FL


A Blast!!!


I was blown away and for someone who has been on a computer since 1987 it takes a lot to do that to me.I would recommend this product to people of all ages...easy to use ... and a lot of product in this device...Would love to own one.Can we work something out??? 


Garland, TX


The Apple Magic Touchpad is Ok


The Apple Magic Touchpad is a Ok device.  I thought that i would be amazed because it was from apple, but i wasn't.  The design is nice, but the actual workings are't that great.  I got the Magic touchpad for my birthday, and i still have it.  When i first tried it out, i was immediaty considering returning it.  i didn't because i didn't want to hurt my sisters feelings though.   Right now the Magic Touchpad is sitting in my closet along with other stuff that didn't work.  Apple should be ashamed for creating such a device.  My brother wants a Touchpad, so mine will probably end up going to him.  I know that he will like it, but i work with electrical stuff, and he is a checkout boy, so we view things differently.                                                                                                                                                                                                     :D


Tully, NY


The Apple Magic Touchpad is Incredible.


this product really adds to the touch screen community. the magic touchpad is everything brought to the touch of your fingertips. it gives you just another reason to say that your in-control again. this product is imply incredible.  


North Las Vegas, NV


The Apple Magic Touchpad is cool


Well Mac has surely done it again. The Apple Magic Touchpad may be one of the best electronic devices of our time. It has beautiful picture quality, and many features. I really enjoy using it and its size is very much practicle. I like it about as much as I like my ipod. It has a cool look and a nice sleek feel. It's quite easy to use. I reccomend it for anyone that loves electronics with features like the touch pad. I find it fun to use. I use it all the time. It's multitouch functionaltiy is awesome. It's almost unbelievable that mac was able to create something like this. Technology is steadilly advancing, and this awesome little device shows it. Mac has always been amazing. I have a Mac computer and I love it. I highly recommend it because it also helps you to get used to the way touch pads are and how their many features work. It's better than a mouse. I recommend people use it! I like it and so will you


Philadelphia, PA


Amazing control and quality details!


I was given the touchpad as a gift and was very skeptical as to how useful it would be. I could not imagine, as an artist, that I would be satisfied by a computer creation. I didn't realize how sensitive technology has become! I love drawing on my touchpad and haven't brought out the paints since!


Denham Springs, LA


Apple Magic Touchpad

4.0 19