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We had done business with American Exteriors before, when we bought and had them installing siding on our home. With the warranty on the windows they offered my husband and I thought "Let's give it a try." And boy we sure are glad we did. First off let me tell American Exteriors is one of those pesty companies that call you on the phone and want to set up an appiontment to give you an estimate. And by most accounts these saleman show up at the house telling you the product they are offering is the best in the world and the best deal money can buy. When you look into it, you find that information to be inaccurate! So let me tell I was a little skeptical to say the least. But we had been extremely pleased and happy with our decision. Our old windows weren't in horrible shape but we had to install blinds and curtains to "Go Green" and save money on heating and air conditioning. Went that wasn't saving the money we had hoped new windows was our only alternative. Where we love we have both hot summers(85-100) and cold winter(-10 to 25), so we need a window to withstand all the elements. We these new windows we no longer have blinds just curtains. And our five chihuahuas no longer bath on the floor in front of these windows. Other advantages we noticed, are lawn use to yellow from the glare of the two picture windows, not no more. Our old windows on 100 degree days, these windows are cool to the touch year around. And the price not the cheapest but with the gaurantee that came with these windows its worth every penny.

Idaho Falls, ID


American Exteriors Windows

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