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ColorPlace (Walmart) Exterior Paint

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I have uses whitewash on fences that were thicker and covered better than this pathetic excuse for paint !!! How in the world can you call this milk paint ???? I will make sure to let my friends and neighbors to stay as far away from any of your products as they can. Your company should be ashamed of itself to call this exterior paint, paint. I would have given it a minus fives stars if i could have !!!!!!!




I will never buy anything colorplace again


Bought Color Place paint for the dining room. Runny and drips like water, uneven and does not cover. Would take at least 3 coats. Have tried it 2 different times with the same results. Ended up repainting my living room 3 times. Will NEVER buy anything color place again.


Atlantic IA


Satisfied with paint quality


I sprayed a slightly diluted single coat of Color Place exterior satin latex paint to all my property's stucco fences six years ago, August 2008. Very little fading has occurred despite 109 F average heat during all those Phoenix summers. Coverage was good when applied. Color Place's durability has been just as good as so-called "Premium" paints produced by Glidden, Sherwin Williams, Bier, Valspar and locally owned Dunne Edwards. I have used all these brands. I was a professional painter for over seven years and still paint daily as part of my job. Color Place is a descent enough of paint that will give you a good result no matter the negative uninformed reviews cited on this ratings site.




ColorPlace is completely worthless paint


Well my husband and I purchased ColorPlace Exterior Acrylic Latex Satin House & Trim paint for a new door we installed on our back porch. It says on the back of the can included in the instructions that air temperature should be between 50* and 90* F. Don not apply if temperature below 45*F. The temperature was 56*F. I shook the can vigorously before opening it. Than began applying it with a paint brush first to the grooves. I could tell that the paint wasn't really adhering to the door. But, I continued with the painting and started using the paint brush roller. I completed one side of the door and started on the other side in the same manner. After allowing the paint to dry I looked at  it and still noticed that it was still looking very bad. So I was hoping after applying another coat of paint to the door it would hopefully look a lot better. Needless to say that was not the case. The door still looks like crap and now the temperature has been too low for me to do anything about it until spring.    


Schenectady, NY


Fast Drying, Low Odor, Variety Of Colors, Nice Finish!!!!!!!!


Excellent for everyday use for minor projects and fixtures. Used it on a door and door frame, great color finish just like shown on sample no difference, fast drying, just two coats for nice, neat, clean finish. Low to no odor unless real close to paint, the odor from a self fragarance give off covers the smell of the paint. And the variety of colors and the consistance. The price of the paint was also very cheap but still great quality. Used a quart size can and only used a quarter of it, has a average general thickness enough to last for many projects. Easy to clean up with a paper doesn't smear as other liquidly paints do, helps cover holes from nails and covers nails themselves. Doesn't scratch nor crack as easily as other paints do. With proper handling of brush doesn't drip as quickly as other liquid base paints do. To mine knowledge doesn't have an oil base so reduce the smell of the paint and is lead free for safety. 


Mission, TX


ColorPlace (Walmart) Exterior Paint

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