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Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops

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way better than the typical watery drops


This are the best drops I've found for dry eyes (that's not RX). They are the only ones that offer any kind of substantial relief that lasts. By lasts, I mean a few hours, unlike the watery ones that basically only sooth during the few seconds they are in the eye. Liquid is thick and cool. Other drops are so watery they do absolutely nothing. It's between a watery drop and gel, so liquigel is the perfect description. For people who need to use some kind of eye relief often but not to the extent that they need RX, this is it! Plus, go to their website and you can get coupons for it too, since it;s a little pricer than typical drops.



Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops work very wel


Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops work very, very well and i've used them for several years.  Several years ago i started having trouble with my eyes itching all the time and saw a doctor about it.  he said he could give me a prescription for eye drops that he said would be good, but would be quite expensive and would also carry the chance of being addictive or not be efficacious after awhile.  since i have had several allergies to various medicines, i try to avoid prescriptions if at all possible and i hate taking them if i can.  he reccommended allergan refresh liquigel eye drops and my husband picked them up for me at the store.  since that time we've both used the liquigel eye drops to help relieve the symptoms of dry eyes.  i would reccommend these liquigel eye drops to anyone who might need some help with relieving dry eye symptoms and the price of them is well worth the cost of them.  

Cashmere, WA


doesn't do what is advertised


I have problem with my eyes being dry. I normally wear glasses, however I do wear one day contacts sometimes when I have to go to gym or swimming (of course I wear goggles).  Actually I got literature about this product from the company in mail. Since I have dry eye problem sometimes in the middle of the night, I decided to go with the liquigel eye drop which is for the acute eye dryness. I have been using this product form quite sometime now, but I'm kinda disappointed with this product.  For some reason, it doesn't relieve the dryness in eye as much as it should. Yes it temporarily moist my eyes, but it soon leaves my eyes dry as it was like just five minutes ago. This product is supposed to work, but sadly it doesn't for me. I got the twin pack and because I dont' feel this product is working on me, I don't even feel like using this product anymore.  My eye doctor recommended the one by bouch lomb and it seems to work on me ( I dont' know if it's personal thing).

Fairfax, VA


Allergan Luquigel Eye Drops: The Perfect Solution to Dry Eyes


Dry eyes can be a problem for those who suffer from allergies and they are a common occurrence following lazik surgery. Dryness can be the result of other causes as well and one product ready to end the problem immediately is **Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops**, a doctor recommended eye drop.** ** **Eye Drop Commentary:** Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops are sold in a small bottle with a twist off cap and protective seal. They are applied just like most any other eye drop: Tilt head back, hold bottle over the eye, look up at the bottle and squeeze to release a drop directly into the eye. The manufacturer recommends one or two drops at a time. Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops are thicker than most other eye drops and they offer a highly effective means to lubricate the eyes and end the feeling of dryness. I have not had lasik surgery and even though I have allergies, mine are nasal in nature, so they don't affect my eyes. However, winter dryness, low humidity in the workplace, and incessant rubbing all lead to dryness of the eyes and when this happens, a few drops of Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops are all it takes to eliminate the dry feeling and return the eyes to their normal condition. Depending on the severity of your condition, these eye drops may not completely eliminate the issue and a doctor may need to be consulted. But for most people, these drops are just right. I don't experience dry eyes enough to worry much about it, and a small bottle will last me for several months. My condition is mild, and Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops eliminates the problem completely. The thick drops seem to lubricate better and for a longer period of time. Based on my experience, a pair of drops in each eye is all I need for the duration of the day. **Bottom- Line Viewpoint: ** Dry eyes are an annoyance, but there is an easy remedy that everyone should try. The remedy is Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops. They are fast- acting, lubricate perfectly, and leave your eyes feeling clear and healthy. They will cost you more than other brands, but the quality makes them worth the price.

Houston, TX


Refresh offers fast relief for dry eyes.


After undergoing Lasic eye surgery I developed severe dry eyes, a new problem for me.  My doctor recommended Refresh and offered me a sample to try following my surgery.  It provided immediate relief and I have been using it ever since.  The formula is thicker than competitors and long lasting.  Upon application I found it cool and soothing after just a couple drops.  The best part is that it causes only about half a second of blurriness after applying, allowing clear vision instantaneously.  I have not experienced any stinging or burning while using Refresh.  The fact that it takes only a small drop or two because it is so effective, means that I use less so that one bottle is lasting for several months.  I have urged family and friends who experience dry eyes due to various reasons including allergies to give Refresh a try and no one has been dissappointed.  I will use Refresh for life.  I also like that it is a liquid and not a cream, making application much cleaner.

Eastpointe, MI


soothing and soothing


These were recommended to my after my Lasik surgery and I'm still using them because they feel so good. Long-lasting, non-stinging-, very refreshing. Good for your eyes (according to the Dr.) so you can use often.I have tried others but never feel - relief from them- can feel the difference every time I use this. I love this product.  

Albuquerque, NM


Allergan Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops

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