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AXE Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel

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Axe Essence Shower Gel Revitalizes and Energizes


A means to clean for men, Axe products come in several forms including deodorant, body spray, shampoo, and body wash. Among them all, I am most familiar with the body washes and one of several Axe body wash products that makes the grade is Axe Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel. Shower Gel Facts and Commentary: Axe Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel is a fresh- scented shower gel with a smell that combines cologne, menthol, and other ingredients for a distinctly masculine aura. This is similar to other Axe products- a line of personal care products made with men in mind and with a masculine scent to prove it. Axe Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel is a medium- thick gel and it produces a good amount of lather, but it rinses clean without much effort. The added menthol is interesting because not only does it make for an unusual component to the smell, it also adds a cooling effect. Spread it on your skin and you can feel the coolness, even when taking a warm shower. I'm not too thrilled with the cool feeling, but I know that there are many out there who will like it very much. Axe Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel is a little on the pricy side, and that could be enough to convince some men not to try it. But it does have a very good ability to clean and refresh and once sampled, many men will be convinced that the money was well spent. The masculine qualities alone are appealing, and the cleaning ability is better than most, so the extra expenditure isn't really that bad. Bottom Line Viewpoint: Axe Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel is a very good shower gel from the people at Axe and another scent/style that most will find to their liking. There is nothing too fancy or gimmicky with this product like there often is with other Axe body washes. This is more of a straight- ahead body wash with a dual nature that many will find appealing.

Houston, TX


My husband loves the AXE Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel..!


My husband has never used anything in his life while in the shower except for bar soap.  But a few years ago he decided to try a product that he'd kept seeing advertised on television; AXE for men.  There are so many different types of the product line that he didn't know which one to get; he chose the AXE Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel.  He's a salary supervisor at a large national siding factory in Illinois; he works at least 14 hour days and needs to get a good jump start for his day.  He told me he gets that by using the AXE every morning in the shower.  He does't get the right amount of sleep as it is and when he wakes up he's still dog-tired.  But, once he gets in the shower and uses the AXE he's revitalized!  That's the perfect name for the product line; Revitalizing Shower Gel.  He said that the product helps him make it through the entire day and he doesn't even have to put on any cologne as it has a clean, fresh scent as well.  He doesn't use bar soap any longer.

Hennepin, IL


AXE Essence Revitalizing Shower Gel

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