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eMachines Notebook

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ok performance for the money


Well, i must tell you...i am VERY COMPUTER ILLETERATE when it comes to computers, but i have been through about 3 PC' and this is my 2nd laptop, since 2000.  I paid about 499.00 for this laptop..i do have an external harddrive (which seems to hold as much as the computer lol), but over all i don't think i could have beaten it FOR THE PRICE.  It does tend to be a little slow (but i have quite a lot of music and video's on it)...I don't much care for E Machines Customer Service (they want to charge you for ANY little help information/problem which may arise, but i'm sure they all do that).  I took added insurance on this computer (and good i did) because i had a cord problem within a few weeks.  I don't think the e mchine products are made very well, my last desktop was an e machine and i don't think i had it 6 months before i had a major problem with it (motherboard...someting...blah blah), but E Machine was VERY hard to deal with about fixing it...they finally did, but it was an ordeal! had to send it back and forth to them about 3 times before it was fixed right, and about 6 montha after the  year guarentee wore died.   I would not reccomend an E Machine, EXCEPT, that they are one of the lower priced, and if price is a big issue, than get the extended warrenty with it...IT WILL DEFINITLY PAY OFFwith this brand name...BLIEVE ME

Cincinnati, OH


I have a desktop and laptop and they are both emachines.


I love my E-Machines. I have a desktop and a laptop. They are both E-Machines. My desktop is ten years old and works like a charm. My laptop is just six monhs old. I would reccommend E-Machines to anybody. The price is not expensive but the quality is still there.

High Point, NC


eMachines Notebook

4.0 2