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Whirlpool Electric Range RF263LXTQ / RF263LXTB / RF263LXTT

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Whirlpool makes a good appliences


I purchased this range to replace the one that installed when my house was built in 1974. It was also a Whirlpool electric range and although the oven on that old model did not heat evenly i never had a problem with it. When i decided it was time to update my kitchen i bought another Whirlpool and this is the model i went with. I had to calibrate this oven and manually adjust the temp which is outlined in the owners manual. First thing i cooked in it was a frozen pizza and it took longer than expected until i read how to set up the cooking temp but once that is done you dont have to mess with it ever again. Temperature Control I have baked everything from cookies to big tom turkeys and it heats very evenly for an electric range. Heat Distribution It is very good for an electric oven Durability It's hard to kill a whirlpool appliance. Design It is very well designed the only way it could look better is to get a Stainless Steel model. Ease of Cleaning It is a oven with coil burners not a flat top so it is harder to clean.



Good range, not the best.


This is a good range with all the standard range functions. The cooktop has 2 burners, 3 small and 1 large; I would have preferred 2 of each but the small ones work well enough. The oven is large and has 2 built in racks so you can cook multiple things at the same time. The racks are the standard wire you find in most ovens and are simple enough to clean, not particularly easy to get in between them all, but that is not unique to this model. There are 4 knobs for the cook-top, one for each burner, and 2 knobs for the oven. One to set the cooking temperature and one to designate Bake, Broil, or Off. I cannot tell you how many times I turned the temperature knob and expect my oven to be heating up, only to find that it is cold because I did not switch it to Bake. That is pretty annoying in my opinion, I like the fact that I can choose Broil but the Off option makes no sense to me since the oven is automatically off when the temperature is set to 0. There are also 2 indicator light to let you know one of the burners is on or that the oven is currently heating (yet I never seem to notice the oven light is off when I'm expecting it to be heating up, so maybe that is my fault). Both the bake and broil options do great at their jobs, I have never had runny cookies or raw chicken come out. It also seems to heat very evenly, which is great especially for cakes and brownies, yum! Overall the range is good, it does a nice job of cooking my food and takes relatively little time to heat up to cooking temperature. It is electric however, so it does take a few minutes to cool down once shut off.

Philadelphia, PA


Whirlpool Electric Range RF263LXTQ / RF263LXTB / RF263LXTT

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