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Whirlpool 700 Watt 0.7 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven

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A great little microwave


I recently moved from a home that had a built in, over the stove microwave to a home that did not have one. Due to the design of my new home I cannot have an over the stove microwave. I purchased the Whirlpool 700 Watt 0.7 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven MT4078SP for what I believe is a very good price for the product. It has met all of my needs and it features seven easy choice buttons, which are "Popcorn", "Baked Potatoes", "Dinner Plate", "Frozen Entree", "Fresh Vegetables", "Pizza Reheat", and "Beverage". I use all of them but for the "pizza reheat" and "fresh veggies". I do find that the "popcorn" button is usually too short, so I just add a bit of time at the end. The "baked Potato" & "beverage" buttons are great!

Calumet, MI


A great microwave for the price!


This microwave was in our home when we purchased it, and we LOVE it! It's the perfect size for almost anything - it will even hold a 9x13 casserole dish! It has a turntable included (it's glass), and it is dishwasher safe, which I love. It is easy to clean, with no annoying nooks and crannies like some other models. It's also easy to use, with large buttons on the front that are easy to push. It has a nice, large digital display with an easy-to-read clock, and it has several feature buttons that are convenient (potato, popcorn, etc.). The defrost function works wonderfully, and my meat or veggies are always perfectly defrosted. The microwave is pretty quiet overall, and it looks good in the kitchen - a great find!

Knoxville, TN


Whirpool 0.7 Cu. Ft. Microwave is SMALL but works.


It is a good little microwave that works hard to warm up my soup and sanitize my sponge. It gets the job done, is easy enough to keep clean, but I never use any of the features save the add minute button (which is my favorite button--it's just so simple). This microwave however is MINUSCULE. Really, really tiny. I can almost not get a dinner plate in there--it's a tight fit. There's a turntable, which is a must in any microwave for more even heating, and mine is under-the-counter mounted which I love. I have no idea if that's possible with all microwaves. It should do the job for you, especially if you won't be heating up big casserole dishes in there for a crowd. Better for a single person than a big family.

Chapel Hill, NC


Not so great...


We recently moved into a brand new house that we had been able to pick all the appliances for.  When we were choosing a microwave hood unit we were told that this one would be great, and it was for about a year.  After a year we noticed that the foam lining in the window was beginning to fall out.  At first it was just a little bit, but it eventually got to the point that it is now completely hanging down.  My husband is very handy and decided he would attempt to fix this problem on his own.  However we soon discovered that there is no way to remove the door panel to allow access to fix this problem.  We are now stuck with a microwave that doesn't have proper insulation in the door.  I am hoping that we can contract Whirlpool customer support ad get this replaced under warranty because it makes me a little nervous to use.  Other than that problem we haven't had any huge complaints.  The popcorn function is awful and I have resorted to just using my own ear to pop popcorn.

Lehi, UT


Long Lasting, Durable Microwave


Hello. I'm reviewing this Whirpool microwave. This is a really good quality microwave. I've had it for--I don't even remember because it's lasted just that long, but it's still in top notch condition, and that's why I still own it. Ok, so moving on to the review. This microwave features seven EZ-Choice buttons, which are "Popcorn", "Baked Potatoes", "Dinner Plate", "Frozen Entree", "Fresh Vegetables", "Pizza Reheat", and "Beverage". I rarely use any of them, though. Other buttons that aren't featured as EZ-Choice include "Auto Defrost", "Add Minute", "Cook Time", "Cook Power", "Clock Set", Numbers 1-9, "Start/Enter", and "Off/Cancel". It also lists the time. One of the things I love about this microwave is the inside turntable. It moves your food around and around so it cooks evenly, just the way it should. Another thing I like is the fact that it is black, and it matches my other appliances. It has rarely given me any problems. Overall, I think this is a really good microwave.

Snellville, GA


Works just Perfect


The Whirlpool Microwave Model # (MT4078SPB-2) is our first brand new microwave that we have owned. The first mircowave that we have ever had was a used one and I can't even remember the brand name anymore. But this new Whirlpool Microwave is working just perfect for us. We have had this Whirlpool Micorwave now for about 6 months or longer. And we have had no problems with it whatsoever. We bought it from Badcock and More Store. This Whirlpool Microwave is black and one of the smaller versions. It doesn't have any of the more fancy options like a browner or extra large capacity. It's just a pretty basic microwave. Although it does have a turn-table in it. That spins and turns your plate/bowl etc. so that it can cook more evenly. The Whirlpool Microwave also has automatic buttons with settings such as defrost, popcorn, pizza, vegetables etc. The turn-table included with the microwave also is removable for cleaning which can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Saint George, GA


Whirlpool 700 Watt 0.7 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven

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