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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Silky Eye Shadow Lustre in Beloved

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Victoria's Secret Silky Eye Shadow Lustre is Amazing!


I'm a makeup maven; I went to school to become a cosmetologist and would think that, like most women in the field, I'm open minded as some of the best, go-to staples in this industruy are 'diamonds in the rough' yet I'd never thought of makeup when I walked into a Victoria's Secret! Wow! I was definitely missing out... I absolutely LOVE the shades (particularly Beloved, along w/a Navy metallic and a Seafoam pearlescent shade) as they have the right mixture to suit anyone's complexion, and they are true-to-color, however, you DO (STRESS - DO!) need to use a shadow primer if you're looking for significant coverage. If you use a primer you won't be disappointed. With the lighter colors, such as this Bronzy/Khaki 'Beloved' and the Seafoamy shade, you can get away with lighter coverage - it's buildable, and we all want buildable coverage to take us from day to night! My tip: this is tricky to apply with even the best of brushes, so after dabbing your shadow primer on with the pad of your ring finger, use the same finger to 'dab' the shadow on! Works like a charm. Also can be used as liner; using angeled brush and either primer or mixing medium... they're inexpensive and luxurious. I love these to death!

Woodside, NY


VS eyeshadow


My opinion is that I love it! Victoria's secret is a bit pricey for make-up, but every once in a while I'll splurge. I love it when I can find it on sale or a final sale type of thing where I can get it for 50-75 percent off!!! At that time I will buy a bunch and hold on to them for gifts later in the year. It makes a mice package and gift to give someone. The colors are very nice and flattering, there is always a lot to choose from and different shades. I like to go with a more tan scheme so I really liked this product, it laid flat and nice on my lid and didnt sweat off. It was a nice durable case that I could just trrow in my purse for a big night out touch-ups and forget about. I've had other shadows taht break all apart in my purse that were really a cheap product! The colors arent too dark either , they really look nice and flatter a range of people from young to older, I pass this along to my mom and sister!

Hiram, OH


Luv VS Eye shadow


I do lot of shopping from Victoria secret. Victoria secret is a big brand and I use lots of cosmetics of Victoria secret. They are not very pricy( if you get a good deal) and I feel the product you get in that price is the best. I have bought this one few months back and completely luv this as it is a great eyeshadow ,Gives you  very glamrous look. Just apply a little bit and rub it all over with your fingure tip and you are also ready for a day look. I also use it sometimes as eye liner for that glamy look. The clour is really good can work for both day or night makeup. Easly spreadable and removable. Very pretty and if you add little bit of shimmers to it , works wonderful.  

Irvine, CA


Good product but does not hold up on it's own.


I really love the brand. Victoria Secret is know for being edgy, sexy, and hott! There makeup is no exception to the rule; however, I feel like it can not be worn on it's own. It needs a strong foundation to stay on. This is for most of their makeup as well. I know I have to reapply their lipgloss which is a bit sticky, consitently. The prices are a bit high but the colors are vivid and super sexy and nice. I do wear their makeup on occasion but I usually wear it with another brand of makeup as well. As for this specific product, I adore the color. It is truly beautiful, I just feel that by it self it fades away quickly. Personly, I use Sin, by Urban Decay as a base for this product in order to make the color pop! and stay on my lids for more than a few hours. Another issue is that by itself this product tends to crease in my eyes, but when I use Sin as a base this does not happen. I like that you can daken the shade by applying moreif you wish. Overall, I think this is a good not a great product.

Strongsville, OH


Victoria's Secret Silky Eye Shadow Lustre in Beloved

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