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Tuesday Flea Market in Murphy, NC

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Quaint flea market, better than most junk


The Tuesday flea market is better than most, I'll give it that. There is a good variety of goods, some antique, some fresh foods, some guns, some decorations, some handmade.  Should be something for just about anybody.  It is fun to walk around.  The folks are all good natured. Parking leaves some to be desired.  You park next to the bank up the hill and walk down to the flea market.  Parking is hectic and tightly spaced. Problem is, as another reviewer mentioned, the proprietors pack up early!  By 2:00 you are lucky to have many left, and which ones are left, are packing up quickly.  Granted, the hot summer sun is baking them, but that doesn't leave one much leisurely time to wander around town and the flea market, because the town closes up pretty early, too (Saturdays you can forget unless you like to get up at dawn and start walking around shops and markets!). I would recommend this market over the others in town, I just wish I could get to it more often since I work out of town!

Blairsville, GA


Visit an authentic mountain flea market - quite an experience.


The Tuesday Flea Market in Murphy, NC is definately a taste of the local area. Farmers and mountain stuff sellers show up on Tuesday hawking everything from fresh picked corn to knives and even a machine that will tap in on and use the phone company lines. "Might get arrested for using that," noted the guy selling the phone tapper. We skipped that but did get some local honey and some cheap books. Tuesday Flea Market is on 64 and a light or two down from Wal-Mart in Murphy, NC. Everyone in town can tell you how to get to Wal-Mart and the Tuesday Flea Market as well. It is, as the name suggests, open only on Tuesday. That I can't explain. It's just a fact. Some things are just accepted in the mountains. If you want to go to the flea market, then go on Tuesday or go on down the road to Foster's Flea Market which is the weekend flea market and more geared to the tourist population. Along with all the low priced items, you'll get a lot of local wisdom at the Tuesday Flea Market. One lady asked about the day lillies. The old guy selling them told her, "If'n you kill a day lilly, then you ought not be gardening a'tall." I about choked on my Pepsi. He's right though. It's next to impossible to mess up day lillies. My boys call the Tuesday Flea Market the hard core flea market. They like the fresh food and honey that I buy though, so they humor me with a trip when visit Murphy to go white water rafting. Folks like to flea market early in the mountains. Many of the tables begin packing up around 2 or 3 p.m.

southern, NC


Tuesday Flea Market in Murphy, NC

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