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TIGI Bed Head "B" for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste

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Bed Head for Men Molding Paste - Amazing Hold


My son has always loved to spike the front of his hair up, but his thick hair is so uncooperative and tends to go flat in just a few hours with most hair products.  And the few that have held it the way he wanted it were so un natural feeling that touching his hair was like touching tiny nails.  I have bought many things over the years for him  to ttry but TIGI Bed Head for Men Molding Paste has been the best investment yet.  The Bed Head product is simple to use.  And it dries super fast and is non-sticky.  It small amount of the Bed Head product goes a long way.  But the biggest plus is that it held his hair thru the entire evening without him having to rewet it and restyle it.  He likes the fact that in the morning after a night out - just running a wet comb through his hair will renew his style.  The Bed Head product line is more expensive than some other lines sold in retail changes but it's effectiveness has made it worth the extra cost. 

Newport, PA


TIGI Bed Head "B" for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste

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