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Summit Red Thunder Energy Shot Berry

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Red Thunder Just Okay


I have been wondering about the energy shot products that are out everywhere now, so I decided to try one. On an impulse, I bought a Red Thunder Energy Shot in Berry, which is the generic Aldi brand of Red Bull. It was only 98 cents for a 2 ounce shot. There are zero calories. The main "energy blend" includes taurine, caffeine, and a bunch of un-pronounceables. I drank it one afternoon after lunch so I could stay awake and get some things done around the house. The taste was actually really good. I have heard from other energy shot users that the taste of some of these are really gross, but this tasted like sour berry. I didn't get shaky or jittery or anything, but I don't think I got a whole lot of energy either. On the other hand, I didn't fall asleep, even when I sat down with the baby for a while. I don't think that I will use the energy sots in the future. I will probably just stick to coffe - it is more enjoyable to drink!

Oregon, IL


Summit Red Thunder Energy Shot Berry

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