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Stretch-Tite Wrapmaster 2500

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New and Improved Wrapmaster


I've only seen this on QVC.  They come as a set of 2, one for plastic wrap and the other for aluminum foil.  You fill it with whatever kind of wrap you normally buy at the grocery store.  I use 2 different kinds of plastic and foil so I got 2 sets.  I couldn't be happier.  I was always either tearing off too much or not enough.  This makes it so much easier.  You do have a tendency to pull out a little too much at the beginning but practice makes perfect.  Has suction cups on bottom so it stays in place while using.  Both are in a cream color but the color band around the middle lets you know what you're grabbing.  Now you don't have to contend with boxes that are falling apart and scrapping your knuckles on the cutting edge.  You'll love these.

Palm Springs, CA


I really like this product.


I really like this product because it makes wrapping left over easy.  I don't have to worry about ripping the plastic when I try to pull it.  I brought two of them and gave one away as a gift.  They really loved it too.  It is so easy to wrap anything that you need.  Now I don't have to give my good tupperware when people want to take food home, when they come to eat.  I just grap a dispoable plate and warp it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan, TX


Stretch-Tite Wrapmaster 2500

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