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Soy Protein Isolate Powder 1 lb (Now Foods)

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Dietary protein is the best way to get this essential macronutrient into your diet, but supplementation is another helpful way to increase your protein intake throughout the day. This becomes especially important when one is engaged in an exercise routine, or is trying to either lose weight or gain muscle, or both. Traditional protein supplements are made from milk, but soy is also an up and coming choice in the market place. I personally prefer the amino acid mix and fact that whey proteins come from an animal source. Soy protein mixes are more ideal for those with concerns about the product, vegans, and people with possible milk allergies. In the past there have been allegations of estrogen like compounds that are produced by soy plants and find their way into soy based products. Whether these claims are true or not, it is something to take into account before using.



Soy Protein Isolate Powder 1 lb (Now Foods)

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