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Singer Confidence Quilter Electronic Sewing Machine

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The motor burned out TWICE within the first month .


I am so angry that twice the motor has burned out on this machine and I've only owned it for 2 months! I would not recommend it to anyone. I thought Singer was a reliable brand. I have come to find out that about 5 years ago they sold out to a Chinese company and the quality of their machines has declined drastically.  I am hoping to get all my money back and purchase a reliable machine, NOT FROM sINGER.

Raleigh, NC


The most amazing Singer Machine I've owned.


*I  learned to sew on a Singer over 50 years ago. This machine has it all. I quilt and it's an ever ending joy. along with creating clothes and costumes The mutitude of stiches enables one to create one of kind art pieces. It is easy to set up and run. It comes with an extendtion plate which makes quilting an easy operation. The multitude of buttonholes are a snap. I love the LED screen. and all the decorative designs allow one to create anything.I even create costumes for my English Bulldogs.It threads itself (awesome!)The twin needle is amazing and a snap to use. The reverse stich swith  is a true gift.It comes with a multitude of asseories. This machine takes the place of all others. Please check it out before you purchase a machine. It is very reasonably priced. YOU WILL NOT REGRET PURCHASING THIS MACHINE AT SUCH A REASONABLE PRICE.*

Kalama, WA


The Singer Confidence is a great beginner quilting machine.


The Singer Confidence Model 7469 was purchased after many hours of research as I recently retired and decided to take up quilitng.  You will not be disappointed in this easy to use quality sewing machine.  The instruciton manual is all inclusive and a few minutes after unpacking it and reading a few pages I was able to start constructing my first quilt block.  It was a mid range priced machine and has the Singer name behind it.  You will not be disappointed in all this little machine can do.

Osage, IA


a great sewing maching for a beginer!


I had never sewn anything before in my life, but I wanted to learn. This sewing machine came with a DVD to explain how to thread it. It was very easy to thread, wind the bobbin, and put the bobbin in. I do wish they had given me a bit more info on what each foot is for and what each one looks like. I guess they assumed that I'm less clueless than I actually am about sewing. I've got absolutely no complaints about the quality of the machine. When I first brought it home, I was playing with it, and got a huge rat's nest of thread stuck behind the dog feeder. The machine came with a small flat piece of metal, that (with absolutely no instruction from anyone) I was able to figure out was to be used to unscrew the face plate, and get everything cleaned out. I was able to fix it and get back to sewing within about 10 minutes.

San Diego, CA


Love this Singer sewing machine


This sewing maching is very easy to use. At first I was not crazy about the threading mechanism, but after working with it a few times, it is very easy to use (I still don't use the autothread feature for the needle). The extended bed is really nice for working with larger pieces of fabric. The variety of stitches leaves a little bit to be desired (i.e. I wish it did satin stitching for the leaves), but this is a very nice basic quilting/sewing machine. The stitch width and length settings have green and red lights that appear to help you optimize those settings depending on the chosen stitch (and there is a double needle option). This has been a very nice, durable machine and I look forward to using it for many more years.

Yukon, OK


Singer Confidence Quilter Electronic Sewing Machine

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