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Sharp R-307n Microwave Oven

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Great little microwave


I bought this because the price was right for me, even though the wattage was a little low. I was very pleased when I brought it home and used it, as it seems to cook faster that the higher watt ones I have had in the past! Its small and ligth weight, and very easy to clean. The buttons are easy to use and figure out. I know in the past I have bought microwaves that seemed to take a rocker scientist to set the defrost correctly, or even use the lower cooking settings, this one, however, is very eay to use. I would defineltly reccomend this microwave to anyone looking to spend a little but get a lot! Performance Heats up fast! Settings/Features Super easy to work Ease of Cleaning Just a few simple steps! Ease of Use Very easy Durability All parts seem to be durable Design Small yet big enough!



Love the Sharp microwave - best for the price!


I actually got my microwave secondhand from a family member who upgraded to a new one and gave it to me. I didn't expect much from it, as it was used and a fairly small model, but I have been very surprised in a good way. I have had it for over 3 years now and never had a lick of trouble with it. It looks really nice, sitting on the kitchen counter, and it is small enough that it doesn't take up too much space but it is still powerful enough to heat up even the biggest jobs. I use it for pretty much everything. I love the pre-sets, including popcorn which is the one I use the most frequently. it gets the popcorn done right every time. The microwave also isn't very loud or overbearing in the kitchen, and the interior is easy to clean. I highly recommend it!

Campbell, CA


shows wear and tear


My husband and I purchased the Sharp R-307n Microwave last year after our previous model broke. This microwave is BIG. Both tall, and wide, and can hold a lot. I see this as both a negative and a positive. Positive for when you need to reheat larger casseroles and what not, but also takes up a lot of valuable counter space. There are a few things I dislike about this model other than the size. All of the buttons and controls on the front panel of the microwave are covered with a clear plastic film (to protect from being soiled?). The negative about this is that about a month after minimal use, the clear plastic film has peeled away from the most commonly used buttons, and simply looks ugly. The other thing I dislike about this model, is the defrost setting. While I may not be a manual reading genious, I STILL, after a year of ownership, can not figure out the proper defrost settings.It's pretty much a guess. So, while the interior space is great, and it works properly, I most likely will not be buying this particular model again, but would recommend it with the above precautions.

Ballston Spa, NY


Sharp R-307n Microwave Oven

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