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Samsung ML- Laser Printer

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Samsung ML-1665 Laser Printer Review


I jumped on this printer only because it was on sale; I needed a new printer as my old ink printer was already dying on me, so I went ahead and got a laser printer. I would've and should've gotten a color laser printer when it was on sale, but I thought that the copy and scanning was more important. But now I am glad I had gotten this laser printer, it prints everything quietly and quickly and looks just as good as an ink printer. The toner is quite expensive, but I still believe that it will be a much better value later on down the road. I have no complaints except for that it doesn't have wireless and that the instructions doesn't really tell you what the lights on the printer actually means. The light was shiny red and I googled for anything about what that meant, but turns out, I was so worried about the red light that I forgot to check to see if there was any paper still there. In the end, this small printer that barely takes up any space, gets the job done for everyday practical use. If you need the scanning and copying machines, then you'd need to invest deeper into your pocket than this cheap realiable and good printer.

San Francisco, CA


Samsung ML-1665 Laser Printer Cheap Compact for Home use


This is the 2nd Samsung Laser printer that we own. The first one dies off because it was not used frequently and after 6 yrs of sitting at one corner the printer just dies off and that model is obsolete. So luckily we find Samsung ML-1665 Laser Printer at such affordable pricing. After we have used laserjet we will never look back to Inkjet ever. Samsung ML-1665 is even cheaper than some inkjet printer. The price of Samsung ML-1665 is one of the cheapest we can find online. And not only it affordability, we Love the design, blend well into home without awkward parts hanging out; the block-shaped of the printer is compact and easy to store. The printer Print fast,quiet and reliable. It is easy to set up but please note USB is not provided, but no problem with us. But the CON of having a laser printer will be replacement toner will be pricey. However I will still recommend for home use or home based office because of its affordability, cheap and small.

The Colony, TX


Samsung ML- Laser Printer

4.0 2